I was playing in the bakery with newness last week and I think I came across the most genius cake - Cake Pizza!

What's a cake pizza? It's one layer of sponge cake (obviously our Hero Sponge), with a layer of buttercream, topped with ganache or jam, with a variety of toppings. Like an elevated, dressed up traybake.

Cake Pizza London

It's genius because it has the perfect mix of flavours and textures - the sponge's moist softness, the buttercream's silky smoothness, jammy tartness or rich ganache creaminess, and the crisp and crunch of the toppings. All in ONE mouthful, unlike a layer cake where you're having to choose between a forkful of sponge, or a forkful of topping.

Layer cakes are no doubt stunning. And cutting into them - there's a grand ceremonial element to it. But at birthday parties, they aren't the most convenient to cut and serve. You need plates, cutlery, and napkins. Whereas a cake pizza, it's simply slice and go!

Cake Pizzas at Parties

These are also perfect for office parties where you won't have to raid the kitchenette for all the side plates and teaspoons and add to the pile of washing up after. It's also perfect as a gift as it's not too OTT like a full-on cake, but makes an impact visually. It's perfect for celebrating on-the-go - so much easier carrying and having a nice slice of cake on your birthday on a train or plane when it's in pizza form. See, is it not genius?! 

The first one I made was a vanilla hero sponge layer, with Swiss meringue buttercream, strawberry jam, Jammie dodgers, white chocolate crispearls and pink wafers. 

Jammie Dodger Cake Pizza

But it's the second one that got my heart thumping - chocolate hero sponge, Swiss meringue buttercream, salted caramel ganache, rolos, salted caramel crispearls, and chocolate covered pretzels.

The salted caramel cake pizza wins for me! The balance between flavours and textures were just right. Sweet and savoury, soft and melt in mouth with crunch. It's more than perfect and totally moreish.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake Pizza

I'm playing about with more flavour combinations this week. Pop down any of your favourites and let me see if I can do it justice on a cake pizza!


Reshmi xoxo

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March 02, 2023

Ooooh I like this idea

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