This newest cake-kid on the block is on literal fire. 

Never seen a burn-away cake before? Which rock have YOU been under all this time?? Actually, it's more likely the case that you haven't wasted hours of your life on social media like I have so let me fill you in and save you the trouble.

What are Burn-Away Cakes?

Burn-away cakes are a new trending style of cake where the top layer of the cake is set alight with a flame. It burns away to reveal another image underneath, creating drama, intrigue and surprise. All good stuff.

Gender Reveal Burn-Away Cake

Who invented the Burn-Away Cake?

The burn-away cake's origin story isn't quite as clear however we can thank Cakes by Nams and Denise Steward on TikTok to help them go viral.

How does a Burn-Away Cake work?

For the burn-away cake to work, we need two images printed with edible ink on different types of edible paper. The top image, to be lit with a flame, is printed on rice wafer paper, and the bottom image, to be revealed underneath, is printed on sugar icing paper. Once presented with a burn-away cake, you simply hold a flame towards the centre of the top image, either a matchstick or a lighter or blowtorch, and watch the flame slowly burn away the top image to reveal the surprise beneath.


Rice wafer paper has a lower moisture absorbency than sugar icing sheets. This is why it is chosen as the top layer, as it can burn better. The bottom image is printed on sugar icing sheets as they mould and adhere better to buttercream.

How to make a Burn-Away Cake?

1. Bake your sponge cakes and cover with buttercream. Use our Hero Sponge recipe for the best sponge results and Swiss meringue buttercream recipe for the best and smoothest frosting finish. Chill the frosted cake to firm up.

2. Print your burn-away cake images on edible paper using a dedicated edible ink printer. The top image must be printed on wafer paper and the bottom image on sugar icing sheet paper. Cut the images to the shape and size of the top of your cake.

3. Place the bottom image on the top of the cake and press down gently to affix the image to the frosting. 

How to make a burn-away cake - bottom image

4. Pipe a rope of buttercream along the borders of the image.  

how to make a burn-away cake - bottom image piping

5. Place the top image resting on the buttercream rope.

how to make a burn-away cake - top image

6. Pipe more buttercream along the borders of the top image.

how to make a burn-away cake -top image piping

Et Voila! Your burn-away cake is ready to light up any occasion!

burn-away anniversary cake 2
burn-away anniversary cake 4


If you can't be bothered with the faff of making your own, you can order burn-away cakes from us for free delivery in London and Surrey. 

Burning love,

Reshmi xoxo


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Madiya wasim

Madiya wasim

March 21, 2024

Hi I wanted to know if your ingredients are halal or suitable for vegetarians

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