10 Crazy Chocolate Cake Ideas For Your Birthday

A chocolate cake is a perfect addition to almost all celebrations. Whether it is birthdays, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, or just to lift your mood, it can fit right in. According to studies, chocolate has multiple components that can make an individual happy. One ingredient, in particular, is tryptophan, an amino acid. It helps our brains manufacture serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts our spirit.

A chocolate cake, regardless of age, is loved by many and is consumed by millions across the globe. Who can say no to a delicious and mouth-watering treat?

Top 10 Crazy Chocolate Cakes For Birthday

Here, we have listed ten crazy chocolate cake ideas to make your special day even more special with this tasty delight.

1. Doughnut cookie monster cake

This lovely delight is one of the best-selling cakes for all the right reasons. For all the doughnut lovers out there, this cake is a dream come true. Filled with Oreo cookies and scrumptious toppings: this cake will bring a smile to your face. Celebrate this birthday with this mouth-watering chocolate cake.

The cake contains cookies, smooth as silk and cream Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream. The spongey chocolatey layers with Belgian chocolate only add to its deliciousness. The top of the cake has white chocolate cookie shards, chocolate-glazed baked buttermilk doughnuts, and Oreo cookie crumbles as decorations. Bring home this doughnut cookie monster cake now.

Doughnut cookie monster cake

Price: £85.00 GBP

2. Kinder VS Nutella Cake

Who said only kids could enjoy cakes? This delightful cake is for all. A fan-favorite Nutella cake is a must to try this birthday. It has all the right ingredients to give you a lovely treat for your birthday.

This lovely cake has vanilla and chocolate layers. Filled with Kinder Bueno-Nutella Swiss meringue buttercream in a striped fault line style and decorated with Buenos, Kinder bars, rockers, and happy hippos. The result is this gorgeous cake that no one can refuse. Order your Kinder VS Nutella cake for your birthday.

Kinder VS Nutella Cake

Price: £180.00 GBP

3. Chocolate Guinness Cake

When we say it is the best cake by a mile, we mean it. A Guinness cake contains Guinness Beer; while we don't encourage daytime drinking, this cake gets a pass. This delicious treat is moist and chocolatey. If stored properly, it can last up to five days. The Guinness beer gives this cake a unique flavor; no wonder it is a hit amongst many.

The cake has a dark hue due to the Guinness stout used in its batter. The stout, however, is cooked off during the baking process. You can eat this cake without worrying. Order your cake now.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

4. Snickers Cake

This chocolate Snickers cake is incredible, and you should try it. This cake has a chocolate cake mix containing caramel, peanuts, and chocolate chips; the unique mixture of caramel gives this cake a taste like a snickers bar. The chocolate dressing and snickers bar on top makes this cake visually appealing. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing for the eyes but has a crunchy, delicious flavour that will leave you wanting more. The layers of peanut butter and caramel are not ones to miss in this cake. Order this snickers cake for your birthday.

Snickers Cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

5. Golden Stella Cake

If there is a competition for grand cake designs, this cake takes the trophy. This golden cake is just as delicious as it is gorgeous. For a huge birthday party, this cake is the right choice. The top of the cake has cookies and chocolates with gold lustre to give it a unique look. The base of the cake is spongy and eye-catching. For fans of big things, this cake is a must-have.

Golden Stella Cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

6. Meta Chocolate Cake

A simple yet eye-catching cake. This delightful cake has it all to satisfy all the cake lovers out there. The cake has Belgian chocolate sponge layers covered with light as-air buttercream. It has a teeny tiny mini chocolate cake on top, and a cupcake, decorated with more cake. A cake on a cake. Who doesn't love more pieces of cake? Celebrate your birthday with this elegant cake that is sure to serve. Order your meta chocolate cake.

Meta Chocolate Cake

Price: £180.00 GBP

7. Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake is a fan-favourite. This cake has it all, from crazy design to mouthwatering fillings. It contains rich Ferrero Rochers, Nutella buttercream and Oreos. A wild combination of ingredients will leave all your guests wanting more. The funky style and design of the cake make it eye-catching for celebrations. Bring this delicious Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake to munch on; you won't regret eating the whole thing yourself.

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake

Price: £130.00 GBP

8. Salted Caramel Latte Cake

This cake is for all sea-salted caramel lovers. The sweet and salty flavor of this cake will keep you on edge. The sponge layer cake is mixed with all the right ingredients to give your palate a refreshing taste. You have to try this cake if you haven't already. The silky caramel will leave you with a pleasurable taste. Celebrate your birthday with this delicious cake. Bring home a salted caramel latte cake.

Salted Caramel Latte Cake

Price: £150.00 GBP

9. Mint Choco Chip Cake

Mint Choco Chip flavour remains iconic. It is only natural for this cake to make this list. The unique taste of mint choco flavor may be a debate online, but it is one you cannot refuse. Celebrate this year's birthday with this marvelous cake. The lovely taste of this cake will only make your day better. This cake will bring a smile to your face.

Mint Choco Chip Cake

Price: £180.00 GBP

10. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake remains a classic choice for birthdays. For fans of chocolate cakes, it is a must-have for all. The taste is unmatched. In the kingdom of chocolate cakes, the black forest remains an icon. Get this cake for your perfect birthday celebration.

Black Forest Cake

Price: £100.00 GBP

Select a chocolate cake of your style!

Who doesn't love chocolate cakes? There is no limit to what a chocolate cake can be. It goes well with almost everything. Did you like our picks? Bring home a delicious chocolate cake for your birthday and celebrate in style.

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