Birthday Cakes for Grownups

If you’re on the wrong side of 30, let’s be honest, birthdays might not be your favourite thing. Another year older, a few more greys to cover up and the sudden onset of aches and pains making you feel about ten years older than you actually are.

Right….that’s all the miserable stuff out of the way. Now it’s time to shake off those DOB blues and get your creaky back into some party planning.

Party with Crown & Glory

A lot of people forget the best part of a birthday is (obviously) the birthday cake. What better excuse to indulge yourself in some sugary delights, throw caution (and that diet plan) to the wind and dive face first into a large slice (or two) of delicious, mouth-watering birthday cake goodness?

Birthday Cakes London

At Anges De Sucre, we firmly believe that your birthday MUST be celebrated. Whether you’re 34, 48 or an octogenarian. Celebrate those good and bad days, happy and sad years, and indulge yourself.

Birthday cakes for grownups are fun, fabulous and whatever else you want them to be. You’ve got the choice of fillings, flavours, design….everything that your 8-year-old self couldn’t choose.

So, if you’re planning a huge bash or just having some friends over for some tea and tasty treats, we’ve got the ultimate guide for a grown up’s birthday cake. And it couldn’t be easier, just click here for our awesome range of cakes, order online and we will deliver direct to your door.

Birthday Cake Richmond

If you’re choosing a cake for someone else, then this post will give you some handy hints of how to choose the ideal cake for that special someone. Think about their likes and firmly avoid their dislikes. Add a bit of their personality to show how much you really care.


Are doughnuts your fave? Or do you like those nutty chocolate treats like Ferrero Rocher (yes, we know, we really are spoiling you). How about taking a break with a Kit Kat cake? Pick your favourite combination of treats, from salted caramel to every single chocolate snack your personal trainer has warned you about, and live out your birthday cake fantasy.

Deliciously Stella

We’ve got everything you could hope for with our DeliciouslyStella cake or our Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake.

Nutella Birthday Cake


If you want to enjoy a more sophisticated soiree, choose something a little subtler yet still super special. Wow yourself and your cake eating pals with the stunning Japanese Matcha-Sakura Cake, inspired by the Japanese season of cherry blossoms and gently flavoured with Matcha green tea Swiss meringue buttercream. Just beautiful.

Matcha Birthday Cake

For something special but simple, we love the Party Red Velvet Cake, we can add a personalised message for that birthday feel.


Warning! If you’re sensitive about your age, then this might not be the one for you. But if you’re embracing that big number, then check out our cookie encrusted range of cakes. Whatever your favourite tea-dunking biscuit, we’ve got you covered with this awesome creation. Feast on Oreos, Bourbon biscuits, Maltesers, Rolos, Mars and Double Decker chocolates, salted caramel pearls and buttercream stars. Sugar attack! Made from number one to nine, we will create two for your double-digit day.

Number Birthday Cake

These cakes work well for those bigger celebrations, the big 30, fabulous 40, flirty 50….you get the drift. Make a real statement with our cookie creations.


We all love a party, so get the champagne flowing and the tunes blaring to celebrate your b-day. If you’re planning a themed do, then Anges De Sucre is the right place to be. We’ve created everything from casino themed cakes, Alice in Wonderland delights to magical Unicorn cakes.

Magical Unicorn Cake

Send us a message and tell us what you’re looking for. We can create bespoke themed cakes to mark the occasion. Browse our collection of amazing cakes to see what we can do and how well we do it.  

If you are planning a party then make sure you order a cake that can feed all those guests. You don’t want to wow everyone with an awesome creation and not give them a taste, that’s just mean. Our handy ordering guide lets you choose the right size and tells you how many people the cake will serve.


Nude or naked cakes are the ultimate in on trend, popular cakes. They are perfect for birthdays because they can be adorned with whatever you like, from macarons to ice-cream cones. Naked cakes have been growing in popularity for the last few years and have become a firm favourite with those in the cake-know.

Naked Red Velvet Cakes

Less buttercream means more soft and delicious sponge. Naked cakes are perfect for an afternoon birthday bash for a light and delicious dessert. They aren’t too formal and have a rustic vibe, so if you’re having a low-key birthday bash, this is definitely the right choice for a grownup party.

There you have it! The tastiest selection of cakes and themes to round off your birthday. Just because you’re getting older, there’s no need not to enjoy the best a birthday has to offer. So, light up those candles and get wishing (for an Anges De Sucre creation of course)!

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