Birthday Cakes and Powering Through

The past few weeks have been a challenge and I stand all of my 5 feet 2 inches tall triumphant over our birthday cake spoils!

Birthday Cakes made in London

We've busted our cake-making guts and baked through some nightmare situations - power cuts lasting all day, sudden staffing shortages, sudden dearth of orders right after Brexit, and a sudden surge in demand through our epic table of goodies at Selfridges and Eid cakes. It's been a yo-yo of emotions and activity.

Eid Cake London

Our fabulous birthday cakes have been delivered across London to Savoy Hotel, Lyceum Theatre, and Pachamama and Bistrotheque restaurants as well as homes and offices spanning north, south, east and west (and further out in Beaconsfield and Banstead!).

Nutella Birthday Cake Lyceum Theatre

Yes, we have noticed a significant dip in sales in the week of Brexit, which had a knock-on effect on our order book for this week however the cakes that were ordered were much larger.

Also, a high proportion of them were tiered birthday cakes or Triple Decker cakes such as the NetflixandChill, Nutella Ferrero Rocher, Latte, Fun Fair Unicorn and even the Dim Sum cake, despite them being more expensive than our regular range. Go figure!

Dim Sum Cake

Triple Decker Matcha Latte Cake

As much as I love a challenging situation and thrive working under pressure through a power cut while burning the midnight oil, I do look forward to a calmer, smoother schedule which doesn't look to be happening this week as we gear up to catering a mahoosive dessert table in Portsmouth and a weekend full of weddings, baby showers and milestone birthday cakes. Wahoo!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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