Bonkers Birthday Cakes: Crazy Themes and Celebrity Cupcakes!

I love it when customers allow me crazy creative license to bring their cake dreams and themes to cake life!

Last week saw some AMAZING briefs a few of which are below (it's really hard to pick favourites so I've picked our custom birthday cake creations as otherwise this post would be way too long and I do need to grab some good ol' shut eye!).

Americana Birthday Cake with Morris the Daschund for Maudie

The AWESOME brief was to include the birthday girl's favourite American treats - baked buttermilk doughnuts, popcorn, Oreo cookies and pretzels, jazzed up with sprinkle encrusted macarons AND featuring a cute AS Morris the daschund (the birthday gal Maudie's pet!). Americana Birthday Cake

Kara's Classy Birthday Cakes for her 30th Birthday

My friend Kara (whom I met during my banking years) has joined the 30s club and had not one, but TWO doughnut cakes. I love both her pretty pastel palette with rose and lavender macarons and raspberry marshmallows on one and the turquoise cookies and pretzels on the other (but I'm leaning towards the blue one...)

Birthday Cakes

Alex's Crazy Colourful and Totally Tropical Birthday Cake

Inspired by the Hawaiian Luau theme this cake screams FUN TIMES! We put together fresh new macaron flavours - Passion Fruit and Coconut, and Lime & Basil, with passion fruit and raspberry marshmallows, baked buttermilk doughnuts, colourful fruity skittles and sprinkles galore. Isn't she such a pretty birthday gal too?! ALOHA!

Hawaiian Birthday Cake

Mad Girly Birthday Cake for Zaha

PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK. Did I say PINK?! YES! PINK!!! I love the Raspberry pistachio white chocolate shards too!

Girly Birthday Cake for Zaha - Anges de Sucre

Personalised Cupcakes for Tamara

We personalised some birthday cupcakes for none other than Tamara Ecclestone on her birthday. The boxes featured our top faves - YOLO-ROLO, Ra-ra-Matcha, Biscofficer, and also a few from our new range such as Strawberries & Cream and Passion on the Beach. Tamara happens to be the only celebrity I actually follow on Instagram because she has the CUTEST daughter ever and I love how she's totally besotted by her (how could you not be?! She's SO cute!). Happy birthday Tamara!

Cupcakes London

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Lots of love,

A very snoozy Reshmi xoxo

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