Faux Fried Chicken for Father's Day

I'm not going to spew nonsensical stats, this is based on our own real hard-coded numbers here folks - from all our sales data over the years we've seen one serious trend - mothers are fancy, lovers are fine, but fathers are forgotten.

Father's Day Unique Gift Fried Chicken


It seems people are far more generous with their mothers on Mothers Day and are more likely to go for higher value gifts, than with their lovers on Valentine's Day, where token gestures are a popular choice. Sadly, it's the dads who pull the shortest straw and are often overlooked or overshadowed by all the spending frenzy from Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter. Poor dads. Lucky for them (and you) we've launched our Faux Fried Chicken boxes JUST IN TIME for Father's Day! Hurrah!

Fathers Day Unique Gift Fried Chicken

Each cool box is packed with 2 drumsticks and 3 wings made of brownie "meat", biscuit-popcorn "bone" and coated in cookie crumbs - and as it's baked, not fried, and more importantly, NOT chicken, it's suitable for vegetarians and much healthier than a bucket of KFC! #Winning.

Fathers Day Gifts

There is a common belief that "dads don't really care for gifts". I know my dad doesn't, but neither does my mum and nor does my husband. What they all do love is the gesture, something different, something out of the ordinary that makes them smile and feel loved just by the thought and experience of receiving a gift, no matter how grande or simple. 

Chocolate Fried Chicken

So make your old man smile this Father's Day. He'll feel so ridiculously happy, and dad's deserve love too!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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