Triple Decker Cakes

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  • The Doughnut Cookie Monster

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  • Ghetto Riche Salted Caramel Cake

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The Big-Mommas of All Cakes Standing Tall and Proud

Our larger-than-life Triple Decker 3 layer cakes features a deeply indulgent Belgian chocolate brownie layer on the base, with two sponge layers in a variety of combinations, sandwiched and frosted with our signature smooth Swiss meringue buttercream, glossy Belgian chocolate glaze and genius design wizardry. These 3 layer cakes are bold, beautiful and bodacious. 

The Nutella Ferrero Rocher cake has got to be the stand-out stunner with its sweet-as Ferrero Rocher cones, however if you really want to mess with people's minds then we'd prescribe the only true American soul food cake - the Fried Chicken n Waffle cake!

Available in a variety of sizes there's one for any occasion (and if you're getting any of these as your wedding cake we will officially crown you as the COOLEST COUPLE on the planet!).