Birthday Cakes and Vegetable Farms

This week saw some fabulous birthday cakes delivered across London to BlueBird and Bumpkin restaurants in Chelsea, back at Hakkasan restaurant in Mayfair and Pizza East in Shoreditch. 

Salted Caramel Cake for @anne_kaw

Salted Caramel cake photo: @anne_kaw

Mermaid Birthday Cake photo: @gbeats24

Mermaid cake photo: @gbeats24

Sometimes we do venture further afield for deliveries. Usually they're massive milestone birthday celebration cakes or weddings which call for larger tiered cakes but this week surprisingly we had smaller cakes being delivered to Cambridge and Portsmouth, both about 2 hours away from London. I do love a road trip, and since the mum-in-law lives near Portsmouth we thought to make a little evening of it to go see her too.

Matcha Anniversary Cake for @tara.gan.sugarflowers

Matcha cake photo:@tara.gan.sugarflowers 

Loads of unexpected treats followed. For one, the weather was PERFECT - bright, beautiful sunny day with a lovely spring breeze. For twosies, what was completely unexpected was that we delivered a cute Deliciously Stella birthday cake for a sweet sixteen being celebrated at one of the most beautiful farms I have ever seen - sprawling acres and acres of lush greenery with coastal views. And finally, what was even more unexpected was upon delivery at the farm house the customer offered us a cup of tea! We politely declined, as we had to get to the mum-in-law's in time for tea, at which point the lovely customer says, "Oh, but would you like to pick some fresh asparagus and rhubarb for your mother-in-law? Come on, let's go picking!". We could hardly believe our ears. Like when does this kind of interaction between delivery person and customer EVER happen?! At most I am grateful for a smile and thank you, but to be invited in to pick some super fresh, seasonal and beautiful fruit and veg is pretty epic. And so we politely said OMG HELLS YEAH!

Rhubarb and Asparagus picking

I left my phone in the car so sadly no pictures but I cut off green British asparagus and pulled out a bunch of rhubarb stalks and trimmed them right there (the bulbs are poisonous - did you know?) literally filling up a massive shopping bag. It also felt so good to see where our supermarket fruit and vegetables were coming from too and I cannot wait to go back for strawberry picking in June!

Never a dull week at Anges, baking or delivering, but that is going to be one of those experiences I will remember for life so fondly. And I don't even like rhubarb! It's not something I grew up with or developed a taste for BUT I am looking forward to making the sickest crumble with the freshest rhubarb I could get my hands on, more-so than asparagus-smelly-pee times.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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