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6 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Our top 6 Wedding Cake Alternatives ranging from the unique Croquembouche Cake to the ever popular cupcake. Whether you're looking to make a statement, or just don't fancy royal-iced-fruitcake, you have PLENTY of options to stand out of the crowd while also ticking all the necessary boxes for crown-pleasing at your wedding!

Wedding Cake Alternative No.1: The Croquembouche Cake

The Original Croquembouche Cake

Just look at that beast! The very first croquembouche cake we ever made, loaded with treats for you to share with your guests along with a slice of cake. It's just perfect for those looking for something totally different that has all the grandeur of a traditional wedding cake, with not even an F of fruitcake in sight.

Wedding Cake Alternative No.2: The Anges Drip Cake

Wedding Cake Alternative : The Drip Cake

Our wedding cakes made in our signature drip style have been so popular they have been featured countless times in wedding magazines. Pictured is the Rustic-Chic Macarons and Roses Wedding Cake hailed as the "Best Wedding Cake Ever!!!!" This wedding cake features french macarons, chocolate pearls, piped buttercream roses for a bit a romance, and a fun popcorn cascade...and with a cake that tastes as gorgeous as it looks?! Obviously a winner!

Wedding Cake Alternative No.3: A Macaroon Tower

Macaron Tower by Anges de Sucre

Macaroon Towers are totally different from a traditional wedding cake and offer a completely unique experience. At Anges de Sucre we can create any macaroon tower your heart desires. If you'd like flowers as a topper or wreath base, we recommend you use your florist to create your unique tower. We will provide you all the information and it's really a piece of cake to put together (hah, see what we did there?). They range from £82 upwards with delivery. Also, as macaroons are naturally gluten free, they may be the ideal substitute for those with restricted dietary requirements and make an elegant alternative to the usual wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Alternative No.4: Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini Wedding Cakes are just so cute and unusual. Each cake provides an incredibly generous portion and perfectly double up as wedding favours to take away. You can combine them up with our larger cakes to create a spectacular display, customise them to suit your theme, add little name plaques on them for each guest to triple up as place-settings - for such a cute and dinky thing the options are endless!

Wedding Cake Alternative No.5: A Dessert Table

Dessert Tables by Anges de Sucre

The ultimate plush statement will always be dessert tables. You can choose to include macaroons, marshmallows, cakes, teacakes, s'mores, doughnuts, brownies, cupcakes and muffles - your guests will be truly spoilt. You can be as inventive or sensible as you wish when it comes to displaying all your chosen treats selection. You know that kid-in-candy-shop feeling? Yes that, ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is a hundred times more incredible.

Wedding Cake Alternative No.6: Cupcakes

Cupcakes by Anges de Sucre

We know cupcakes have been around for a while, so much so that they may even be seen as hackneyed has-been, but really they are still perfectly suited to a wedding. Our indulgent cupcakes are ridiculously decadent and special. We did away with the bog-standard frosting and created an even better topping using Swiss meringue buttercream and Belgian chocolate glazes. Yeah, it requires a bit more skill and more time to make but it's well worth it both in terms of taste and aesthetics. Garnished with macaroons, cookies and all kinds of stuff to make your taste buds go crazy, you'll find it hard if not impossible to find anything quite like them, therefore a great alternative to a classic wedding cake.

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