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Till Death by Chocolate Do Us Part - Wedding Cake

Anges de Sucre’s Wedding Cake designer, Reshmi Bennett embarked on the creation of Anges de Sucre almost ten years ago, The first step in her journey involved studying French Cuisine at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi in Paris – a very prestigious professional chef school where her cake making sills flourished under the watchful eyes of the worlds finest chefs.

Growing up, Reshmi was immersed into a world of food where it was central to her families’ way of life; constant dinner parties where the food always took the centre stage. Reshmi’s love of food and ingredients undoubtedly came from her parents whom were both fanatical cooks taking immense joy and pride in their cooking. They passed on their recipes and techniques to Reshmi providing her with her first step to chef-dom.

The concept of the Anges wedding cake – bright and beautiful from near and afar – came about very early on in Anges’ development. During Reshmi’s marriage preparations she enjoyed selecting her wedding cake. Like most people she chose the wedding cake of her dreams and was super happy with it on the big day. One thing did however bug her a little: most of wedding guests only saw the cake from afar and didn’t make anything out other than the shape. SO she created a range of modern wedding cakes designed to be beautiful and bright when viewed from close up and far away so everyone in the crowd can enjoy the grandeur of the wedding cake.

Our wedding cakes speak for themselves, so with no further ado have a look at our unusual and contemporary Wedding Cake collection or find out more information using our wedding cake guide.