Birthday Cakes and Unicorns

I've not done one of these showy-offy birthday cake posts in a while - SOZ! Busy n dat ;)

Actually we've been busy with a lot of cool custom cakes as of late. No, no not that naff novelty kind, you know that's not our thang. But really cool cakes for Elizabeth Arden's new fragrance launch going to London's premier press people (which as they are not birthday cakes I won't be sharing here, but will soon in another post), and for a lovely repeat customer's baby's first birthday. Now Leonie is a pretty special baby because not only did we create her mum's epic Baby Shower dessert table spread last year at the Savoy hotel in London, I finally caved into the unicorn horn cake trend to create the cutest mini birthday cakes for her first birthday this weekend.

4 Unicorn Birthday Cakes

The only reason I have stayed away from the Unicorn horn trend, pioneered by the fab Kek & Co, was because my filthpot mind thinks they look pretty phallic. But when coupled with these cute ears, a glossy chocolate drip, buttercream swirls and candied popcorn, I can overlook the phallic-ness of it and appreciate it's cuteness in its sum-of-all-parts!

Unicorn Birthday Cake

These mini-cakes were part of a whole birthday dessert table curated by Leonie's mum, Laura, for a joint unisex baby party. I don't think unicorns have a sex anyway (also, they're not real!) so I thought the theme was perfect for the occasion! Also, some more unicorn trivia for you - did you know a collective grouping of unicorns is called a blessing? Now you do.

Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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