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Macaron wedding favours

Weddings are quite simply happy occasions where two people in love promise to spend forever together. Generally, it involves a form of legal documentation, a contract between two, as unromantic as that may sound. Since it's one of the most binding legal documents one might ever sign in their lifetime it's only fitting for all the celebration and fanfare to follow and surround it!

With that celebration and fanfare comes a lot of fun in the form of planning, and etiquette mainly involving the budget and guests. As my own wedding anniversary is around the corner, I'm having a flash-back to all my manic google hunts on wedding etiquette, a small part of which was to favour or not to favour?

Macaron Wedding Favour Ideas

When in doubt, 'favour' macarons

Wedding Favours, are they even necessary? You'd think throwing what's possibly the most awesome party of your lives, hosting your closest friends and family to a dinner, drinks, perhaps some dancing, cake, canapés, champagne etc would be good enough, right? Favours now, what are they even for?
I hadn't actually thought of having 'favours' at our wedding. However, we did have little touches like leaving paper fans (personalised with our own printed ribbon) on every seat at our volcanic-hot Barcelona church, which were very much appreciated by our sweltering guests! We also had personalised bookmarks on every place-setting with our guests' names printed on them. So while I hadn't intentionally thought of having wedding favours, I suppose we unintentionally did just that, by adding these 'special touches'.

 Special Touches as 'Favours'

Fanning furiously, and 'book'marking place-settings

Photography: Happines

So in conclusion of whether favours are a must-have or not, I would say have them if you've thought them to be 'nice, but not necessary'. Once you've deemed them 'necessary', chances are you might get massively uninspired when thinking about what to have, and how to present it. Once you've deemed them 'nice', you'll find a whole world of how to add special little touches to your wedding day for your guests to feel welcome and looked after!

 Macaron Pops as Unique Wedding Favours

You may have noticed there's been some 'product placement' action going on in this post. I took the opportunity to make this post relevant to us so as to not go completely off-piste, but here is a lovely example of how a recent bride of ours personalised our Lavender Fields mini macaron wedding favour pouches to keep in the theme of their wedding reception style that also doubled up as place-settings. Lindsey used lace trimmings, and buttons to embellish the hand-stamped name tags for the ladies, and had fancy ales for the gents! Their wedding was full of cute DIY details that you can see more of here.

Vintage and Rustic Macaron Wedding Favours

Those hand stamped and embellished tags are just way too darling!

His and Hers Wedding Favours Ideas

'His' n 'Hers'

Photography: Holly Deacon

And of course, here's a little bit of unashamed trumpet-blowing action: our recent appearance in Perfect Wedding magazine's top Foodie Favours shortlist where Anges macarons comes top!

 Perfect Wedding Foodie Favours Best Ideas

Hope this has helped in your decision to Favour or Not. If you'd like to get in touch with us regarding your favours for your wedding do drop us a line at info [at] angesdesucre [dot] com. Our macaron favours are perfect as they come, but we have plenty of ideas on how to make it even more relevant to YOUR occasion!

Macaron Wedding Favours

Love, Reshmi xoxo

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