Fun Fair Unicorn Rainbow Cake

I'm embarrassed to admit that I thought unicorns existed up until well into my teens. I don't think I ever knew where exactly they peacefully roamed, I just thought I would find unicorns under rainbow on my travels somewhere in far flung exotic lands in umm...Europe?! Life has since been one big disappointment ever since I realised unicorns are mythical. 

Unicorn Birthday Cake
This cake however cheers me up endlessly. One of our team first created it for her cousin, Reyna, as a lovely two-tiered beautiful birthday cake. It's blue and pink, with smooth and silky Swiss meringue buttercream, glazed in a white chocolate drip and decorated with meringue kisses, colourful baked buttermilk doughnuts, chocolate candy canes and mini ice cream cones with buttercream swirls and Ferrero Rochers.
Two-Tiered Unicorn Birthday Cake

The fun continues on inside - cut into it and it's got Triple Decker layers of pink and blue rainbow sponges!

Unicorn Rainbow Cake
Since posting it on Instagram we've had quite a few requests for it for fun fair themed birthday parties and baby showers. We thought it deserves its own place in our online cake collection shrine!

Unicorn Birthday Cake London

I'm sure I wasn't alone in believing in unicorns. I'm also sure I'm not the only one who wishes they actually did roam amongst us because let's face it...London, and the world could do with a bit of colour and magic right now. And a lot of peace! Until then, there's a slice of Fun Fair Unicorn cake right here.

Unicorn Birthday Cake London

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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