Why you should order your Wedding Cake Online

A wedding cake is a big deal. It adds to the magic of the celebrations and is a focal point of the reception. Pictures of a happy couple cutting their wedding cake are mandatory these days, so you want to make sure you’ve got yourself a showstopper.

Wedding Cake London
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If you are in the middle of planning your big day, you might be ready to start thinking about the crowning glory of your day; a beautiful, delicious and super fancy cake. But before you pull out that map and start plotting which bakery to visit, sit back and read this post first.
Wedding London 
At Anges De Sucre, our wedding cake selection is wild, colourful and scrumptious. These are some of our favourite types of cake to make. We love creating custom cakes to suit every happy occasion and to help make the bride and groom’s dessert dreams come true.
Traditionally couples would visit their chosen baker to have a chat and see the designs on offer. We decided to do things a bit differently. As an online cake making and decorating business, we decided to kick tradition up the proverbial backside and shake things up.
We make ordering cakes online super easy and convenient and have answered all your wedding cake related FAQs to make sure you feel confident and happy before making your choice.
So why is it so great to order your cake online? We don’t have just one reason, we’re so confident in our online ordering and delivery experience, we’ve got five!


How many hours a day do you spend swiping, scrolling and Googling? Quite a few we bet! Whether you’re searching for cat videos or want to buy a pair of stiletto heels, online shopping is quick, easy and convenient. So, when you’re in the middle of planning one of the biggest events of your life, why not take advantage of the power of the internet to find your ideal cake maker, even if they are at the other side of the city where you live?
Instead of traipsing from one bakery to another – ruining your wedding diet by trying loads of different cakes – save time and order online.


One of the best things about using an online cake company is that you can see the full range of their designs and capabilities in just a few simple clicks. When you visit a traditional shop-based or home-based baker you might only see a few of their cakes on display. These are often mock ups rather than the real thing.
A good online bakery gives you the benefit of choice. The website will be packed with images of their creations and social media sites will show off all the other cake styles they can produce. Choose the style you like and ask for customisations and changes to create exactly what you want.
Wedding Cake Online 


Wedding cakes aren’t cheap. In fact, depending on how big you go, you can be looking to pay thousands of pounds for that dreamy dessert. So, before you make that pretty huge decision, why not read up on what other people have to say.

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Obviously, a business is bound to put their best reviews on their website but it only takes one Google search to uncover the inside scoop. What’s the general feeling? Do people love or hate the cakes? How many stars do they get on average? You don’t have to be a sheep and follow the crowd, but it never hurts to get other opinions and research a particular cake maker.


Ordering online and sending emails back and forth is a great way to keep track of the little details. Keeping an email trail of all discussions is easy to refer back to and also, if something should go wrong you have it all in writing. Make sure you keep all your emails until the cake has been baked and delivered to your satisfaction.


This might seem like a non-point, but seriously it is sooooo easy. Just enter your card details and done. Tick that huge ‘to do’ off your list and get on with finding the right shade of chair cover and tasting the wedding breakfast. 


We can hear the traditionalists awkwardly whispering “But what about the cake tasting?”. By ordering online you might miss out on sampling the cake, but if you’ve read a whole lot of positive reviews, have seen the social media posts and trust the cake maker, maybe take a chill pill and go with the flow? Perhaps order a small cake in advance to enjoy ahead of the day.
Anges de Sucre makes wedding cakes in three flavours: vanilla bean, chocolate mudcake and red velvet. If you really can’t make up your mind without tasting our delights, head on over to Selfridges, Oxford Street, London to buy a smaller 6" cake and satisfy your curiosity.
Another plus of ordering online is you can sort out the delivery details there and then. We deliver free to most central London venues and if you’re get hitched elsewhere we will let you know the costs or you can get an estimate from our speedy cake delivery guide here.
Go on guys, break with tradition, you know it makes sense!

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