Ordering Wedding Cakes Online: A Modern Twist for a Hassle-Free Celebration

[Updated 21/11/2023] When it comes to wedding planning, the cake is a major player—adding magic to the celebration and standing as the centrepiece of the reception. With the iconic moment of the couple cutting the cake, you'd want a true showstopper.

Wedding Cake London
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If you're knee-deep in wedding preparations, contemplating the crown jewel of your day—a beautiful, delicious, and super fancy cake—it's time to consider why ordering online might be your best bet. Before you start plotting bakery visits on the map, take a moment to read this post.

Wedding London

At Anges De Sucre, our wedding cake selection is wild, colourful, and scrumptious—crafted with love for every joyous occasion. We adore creating custom cakes to bring the dessert dreams of the bride and groom to life.

Traditionally, couples would visit their chosen baker to chat and peruse designs. We decided to shake things up. As an online cake-making and decorating business, we've redefined the experience, making it easy and convenient. All your wedding cake FAQs are answered to ensure confidence in your choice.


Amidst the countless hours spent swiping, scrolling, and Googling, take advantage of the internet's power to find your ideal cake maker, even if they're on the other side of the city. Instead of trekking from one bakery to another, save time and order online.


One of the best aspects of using an online cake company is the ability to explore their full range of designs and capabilities with a few clicks. Unlike traditional bakeries, online platforms showcase a myriad of options. Choose your preferred style and customize to create your dream cake.

Buying your Wedding Cake Online


Considering the investment in wedding cakes, read up on what others have to say before making the big decision. Google searches can unveil authentic reviews, providing insights into the general sentiment and reputation of a cake maker.

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While businesses showcase their best reviews, a Google search offers an inside scoop. Researching a cake maker's reputation can guide your decision-making process.


Ordering online and exchanging emails is a practical way to keep track of details. Maintaining an email trail serves as a reference and ensures all discussions are documented, providing a written record in case of any issues.


Entering your card details online streamlines the payment process. Tick off a major task from your to-do list and focus on other aspects of wedding planning.


Traditionalists may raise concerns about missing the cake tasting experience. However, with a plethora of positive reviews, social media posts, and trust in the cake maker, consider ordering a small cake in advance or visit Selfridges, Oxford Street, London, to taste our delightful flavours—vanilla bean, chocolate mudcake, and red velvet.

Another advantage of online ordering is the immediate arrangement of delivery details. We offer free delivery to most central London venues, and for other locations, check our speedy cake delivery guide.

Break with tradition—ordering your wedding cake online just makes sense!

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