10 Pretty Three-Tier Cake Ideas For Your Wedding Day

The cake selection is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning and organising a wedding. Many couples look forward to the cake-cutting ritual since it allows them to smear some cream on their partner's face or enjoy eating with their family. The diversity of flavours, shapes, colours and patterns available for wedding cakes gives the happy couple many alternatives.

A wedding cake is more than just a pleasant diversion; it is a long-standing custom with deep symbolic undertones. The history of the wedding cake, its religious significance, the varied symbolic meanings attached to it, and the various forms of cakes will all be covered.

The Symbolism of Wedding Cakes

Over the years, wedding cakes have taken on a variety of symbolic connotations.

The following are a few more prominent ones:

1. A Mark of Contentment

Cutting the wedding cake represents success, perfection, and joy. It represents their joining as one and is one of the first things the newly-wedded couple does together.

2. A Sign of Prosperity

In Victorian times, wedding cakes symbolised affluence. Wealthy families ensured the cakes were covered in icing because it was costly and rare. Large, elaborate wedding cakes continue to represent wealth and success today.

3. Symbolising Purity

White became a common wedding colour by the early 18th century, following Queen Victoria's engagement to Prince Albert. From that point forward, wedding cakes were decorated with white frosting and icing to symbolise purity of love. White wedding cakes are typically favoured as a symbol of the bride and groom's pure and spiritual connection.

4. One of the Covenant's symbols

Many Christians think cake sharing symbolises their dedication to one another and their marriage. It is seen as a commitment to abide by the rules of the sacred marital relationship.

5. A Sign of Fortune

The wedding cake is a lucky charm for the newlyweds and their guests. It represents a long, happy, and contented union for the pair. It was claimed that eating the auspicious cake would bring the guests luck and enable them to realise their aspirations.

6. A Sign of Children

The bride would cut the wedding cake in the 17th and 18th centuries to signify that she was willing to bear her husband's children. The top tier of the wedding cake would then be preserved to be served at the first child’s christening.

7. An Image of Friendship

A wedding cake nowadays symbolises marriage, partnership, and friendship. The bride and groom grasp the knife together to represent their mutual support and dedication to one another. In the act of affection and camaraderie, the pair shares it by feeding one another.

Wedding Cake Varieties

Although brides and grooms pick designs that represent their style and personality, traditional wedding cakes will always have their allure and beauty.

Here are our top three-tiered wedding cakes which you can choose for your wedding without even a second thought:

1. Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

Price: £250.00 GBP

The most adorable three-tier cake you have ever seen! Online cake ordering is available throughout London, Surrey, and Berkshire. You ensure availability, make sure to place your order in advance.

We are thrilled to share the tidliest, cutest (and trickiest) three-tiered cake with all of you lucky individuals. Despite being diminutive in size, it has an enormous cute factor! It's ideal for a small wedding so that the cake-cutting can be done perfectly.

The top tier is garnished with a cheeky pink macaron, sprinkles, and our Belgian chocolate drip. The bottom tier is embellished with pastel multicolour buttercream whirls and swirls.

2. Golden Stella wedding cake

Golden Stella wedding cake

Price: £350.00 GBP

You really don't need to look much further if you're a fun-loving pair who don't like to follow stuffy old traditions like, say, fruit cake with royal icing and want to satisfy everyone's sweet craving at the wedding, from the cool grandparents to the little guests. Each tier consists of three layers of vanilla, cookies and cream, and a chocolate sponge sandwiched and covered in our luxurious vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

A glossy Belgian chocolate ganache drip was used for glazing the cake. It’s embellished with various crowd-pleasing sweets, including Kinder Bueno, KitKat, chocolate fingers, Oreo cookies, Maltesers, Rolos, chocolate chip cookie dough, and brownie crumble.

3. Pink carnival-tiered wedding cake

Pink carnival-tiered wedding cake

Price: £280.00 GBP

A straight-to-the-point wedding cake, our Pink carnival-tiered wedding cake is the perfect way to express individuality. It's the ideal cake for those who also love fun. It comes with various customisation options to create your wedding day. Below the iced layers are layered strawberries, doughnuts, and sweet cream buttercream topped with a tiny slice of chocolate. Your special day deserves the best.

4. Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Price: £165.00 GBP

Our Three-Tier Semi-Naked wedding cake has salted caramel and chocolate. This cake is a perfect staple for luxury events such as weddings. Its exquisite, rustic yet modern design will make any crowd swoon. Not to mention the delicious salty-sweet combination! The cake is made with care, ensuring it pays off in every bite - creamy, buttery salted caramel icing enveloping an indulgent Belgian chocolate sponge. All guests are sure to love this delightful celebration cake that encapsulates modern elegance while still maintaining the highest standards of flavour.

5. Watercolour Wedding Cakes

Watercolour Wedding Cakes

Price: £280.00 GBP

Perfect for a sophisticated city or rural wedding, this cake is pink in pink tones, iced in a romantic watercolour appearance on delectably light vanilla sponge tiers, and topped with a creamy cascade of flourishes, a rich golden salted caramel ganache drip, and golden chocolate pearls. To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time.

Although it's wonderful already, you could add more macarons and golden pearls to make it even fancier. You can customise the buttercream or sponge flavours for additional customisation fees by changing the colours to chocolate or red velvet.

6. Yellow Summer Wedding Cakes

Yellow Summer Wedding Cakes

Price: £233.00 GBP

The happiest days are yellow, sunny and bright, and our gorgeous ombré yellow swirly whirly, and dreamy buttercream wedding cake is the only thing that could make the happiest days happier! To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time.

Tiers of exquisite lemon sponge layers are iced with Swiss meringue buttercream that is smooth and silky and piped in a complex design with swirls and flowers in ombré tones ranging from ivory to daffodil yellow.

7. Rustic flower wedding cake

Rustic flower wedding cake

Price: £233.00 GBP

Our flower buttercream wedding cake, brimming with a rustic romantic appeal, is ideal for all cake lovers coming together! Order cakes online for delivery to London, Surrey and Berkshire. To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time.

The rustic floral wedding cake is ideal for stylish couples that value elegance and substance. This cake has layers upon layers of our wonderful sponge cake and buttercream, making it just as delicious as it is stunning to look at.

8. Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding Cake

Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding Cake

Price: £532.00 GBP

Lewis Carroll's beloved novel influenced this excellent Alice in Wonderland wedding cake. Alice in Wonderland will enter Weddingland as a result. Order online before your wedding to ensure availability and free delivery to London. Every element is painstakingly handmade, from the chocolate teapot to the sugar, toadstools, and salted caramel swilling teacups. As unique as every pair, it is.

9. Three-Tiered Pink Sweetheart Wedding Cake

Three-Tiered Pink Sweetheart Wedding Cake

Price: £150.00 GBP

Sweet vanilla sponge in three layers that has a pink floral flair to it. Of course, it is decorated with pink popcorn, buttercream, and doughnuts! To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time. It is decorated with candied popcorn, macarons, chocolate pearls, glazed baked buttermilk doughnuts, and piped buttercream flowers, making it must have a wedding cake to celebrate the occasion.

10. Regency Wedding Cake

Regency Wedding Cake


Price: £233.00 GBP

This pink wedding cake, which Bridgerton inspired, is timeless, elegant, and impossibly beautiful. It will no doubt be adored and consumed by all. Fresh baked goods are safely delivered within London, Surrey, and Berkshire. To ensure availability, place your order ahead of time. Along with its magnificent, wealthy, and flawless design, this cake's delectable, soft vanilla sponge and silky smooth buttercream will leave you, your significant other, and all of your guests in awe.

A wedding isn't complete without a cake!

A wedding is never truly complete without a delicious and lovely cake. Since the beginning, cakes must have been an essential part of weddings. Although the wedding cake's symbolic significance of purity to marriage and happiness. We at Anges De Sucre know the importance of wedding cakes very well.

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