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Planning a Unicorn Party

We love a party theme, especially when it’s of the magical/mystical variety. So, what better than a unicorn themed party?

Glitter, sparkle and a bit of good old-fashioned imagination is all you need to throw a unicorn bash. Whether for a children’s party, a baby shower or your granny’s 84th birthday do, this is a theme full of fairy tales, rainbows and all that other good stuff.

The Anges De Sucre team has put on their party planning hats and pulled up their super cool socks to create the ultimate unicorn party planning guide. Read on for some inspiration.


Unicorn Party Plan - Decor

We all know that unicorns aren’t real (sad face) however, that doesn’t stop our imaginations running wild and our credit cards making crazy party purchases. So, what comes to mind when you think unicorn? We’re imagining colour and lots of it. Pinks, purples, shimmering blues, silvery details and all those other rainbow hues. 

The thing about this mystical creature is that it gives you free rein (geddit?) to go a bit colour crazy. Whether you want to create your own decorations or feel happier buying some readymade ones, we were super excited with the amazing range offered on Etsy. From bunting, to ornaments, wall decorations to balloons, we found something for every age and every party style.

Unicorn Party Guide - Party Accessories

For kids’ parties, there are hundreds of unicorn-adorned plates and cups you can choose, such as this set of sparkly plates from Party Pieces, with matching napkins and a table cover. For a more adult feel, we love silver paper plates to make your food pop off the plate.

Don’t forget the trusty supermarket – we found a great unicorn pinata from Tesco at just £12.99. Stuff it full of sweet treats and you not only have a fun party activity but you’ve added to your decoration bag.


Now who doesn’t love an elaborate head band or a sparkly hat? Mess up your expensive blow dry with a range of horny headgear to stay in theme and in party mode. We love these headbands from Not on the High Street as well as these adorable unicorn stickers to brighten up your party invites. 

A unicorn theme doesn’t have to mean fancy dress (especially if it’s a party for proper grownups) but it’s always nice to give a nod to your theme through your party outfit choice. Keep it subtle in a baby pinks or soft purples. Or, choose one of the hundreds of unicorn inspired t-shirts and sweatshirts sporting pithy quotes.


Unicorn Party Guide - Food

What do unicorns eat? Err who knows…they’re totes not real! So, what goes on a unicorn themed menu then? While we’ll get to the cake stuff later, we think unicorn party food should be fun and a bit fancy. Basically, think sprinkles and edible glitter.

As well as all the usual party grub, we’ve found some additional treats to keep on top of this magical theme (warning most of this is rainbow-themed). Ever heard of the Rainbow bagel? Not only are they super yummy but they are a perfect addition to any unicorn themed menu. Cream cheese, egg mayo, smoked salmon…fill them up and cut them into halves or quarters (depending on the size of your guests and their appetites) and hey presto! 

For another carb-load of rainbow party food, check out this amazing recipe for multi-coloured spaghetti (you can use whatever pasta you like) to put some zing into your party catering.

We also love fruit kebabs, which are colourful and healthy treats for your guests. Finally, if you’re making some sweet treats, how adorable are these rainbow rippled meringues?


To get your guests in that happy/tipsy mood, we have tried and tested a few (ok, ok a lot) of unicorn-inspired cocktails. These are very sweet and very potent, so you’re sure to be a popular host when you take a tray of these around.

Number one on our list is the Loco Unicorn, a heady mix of coconut water, grenadine, curacao liquor and rum. Super yummy! Those experts at Mix That Drink helpfully give you step by step instructions.

Number two on the Anges De Sucre team’s favourites list is the Unicorn Kisses drink, this is a complex concoction of raspberry vodka, strawberry lemonade, grenadine and edible glitter but it is super pretty!


Unicorn Cake

Yes! Our favourite subject! We have baked an abundance of unicorn cakes for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and so on. In fact, we are so in love with unicorn cakes it is almost bordering on an obsession. From big ones to little ones, we’ve made every type of unicorn cake around. This Rainbows & Unicorn cake is by far one of our favourites and is just so very pretty.


As always, you can order our cakes online and we deliver free of charge to most central London locations.

Happy party planning!

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