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8 of the Best Girly Birthday Cakes

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Unashamedly pretty, pink and perfect - these birthday cakes freshly baked in our London bakery are JUST RIGHT for the girly girls we know and love. After all, if you can't indulge them on their birthday, when can you?! Featured here are also some of our best-selling cakes which makes us think pink is clearly the QUEEN of colours!

1) Triple Decker Pink Sweetheart Cake

Girls Pink Sweetheart Cake

Our team's FAVOURITE ultimate pretty-in-pink cake is the BEST. So pretty it hurts just a little bit to think someone will be having to cut into it!

The Pink Sweetheart cake is a triple-layered cake made with three layers of soft and velvety vanilla sponges, smooth and silky pink and natural Swiss meringue buttercream frosting in a stripey finish, glazed in our signature Belgian chocolate drip cake style, and decorated with macarons, glazed baked doughnuts, candied popcorn and piped buttercream flowers. We think this cake will make all the ladies, young and mature, swoon. It's also particularly beautiful in multiple tiers!


2) The Pink Flamingo Cake

Girl's Pink Flamingo Birthday Cake

Frosted in on-trend watercolour style with various tones of pink, glazed in white chocolate drip and decorated with macarons, candied popcorn and delicate white chocolate feathers, this cake is a gorgeous addition to any girly celebration - be it birthdays or baby showers!


3) Vegan Pig in a Unicorn Wig Cake

Girl's Birthday Cake | Pig in a Unicorn Cake

One of our cutest cakes is the Vegan Pig in the Unicorn Wig cake - it's so cute AND delicious that it would even entice all the sceptical non-vegans amongst us (in fact, we regularly deliver this to non-vegan customers too).

Not all pink food colouring is vegan, as the most common food colouring used for pinks and reds is Cochineal or Carmine extract, ie little bugs. We use a vegan-friendly pink food colouring to get perfectly pretty shades of pink in our vegan frosting for this cake so our vegan customers can tuck in comfortable in the knowledge no little bugs were crushed up for their cake.

4) Jammie Dodger Fault Line Cake

We can't resist a classic Jammie Dodger biscuit, especially when it looks as good on a cake as this. The fault-line buttercream cake design is a cake trend breaking Instagram but we think it's far from just a fad! It's here to stay, and our stripey pink Jammie Dodger cake with swirls and whirls of pink buttercream is a modern classic!

Girl's Pink Swirl Birthday Cake

5) Pink Ballerina - Tiddly Two Tiered Cake

Girls Pink Ballerina Two Tiered Cake

All good things come in small packages, they say. They weren't lying. This tiny, tiddly, and incredibly fiddly cake is a 3 and 4 inch stacked layer cake, that takes just as long to decorate as a bigger version, if not more, but is totally worth the tears and time! The cake is seriously small and stunning and is a popular pink birthday cake to surprise someone special.

6) The Pink Wink Cake

Pink Wink Cake

The reigning queen of all girly birthday cakes, this pretty thing quickly shot up our best-seller list as soon as it was launched! Vanilla bean sponges, pink ombre buttercream, peanut butter cups, pink chocolate glazed baked buttermilk doughnuts, and gold accents - this baby will not be ignored.

7) Pastel Pixie Rainbow Cake

Girls Birthday Cakes | Pastel-Pixie Rainbow Cake

Pastel rainbow buttercream decorated sponge layers with chocolate-covered biscuits, pastel macarons and colourful chocolate shards, this cake is for super fun girls (the kind we wanna be bezzies with!). View all rainbow cakes.

8) Matcha Sakura

Girl's Japanese Birthday Cake

For a birthday lady who is a vulture for culture, the Matcha Sakura cake is a firm favourite, and also available to order from Selfridges Food Hall bakery. Rich chocolate sponge layers sandwiched with Japanese matcha green tea Swiss meringue buttercream and decorated with our signature Belgian chocolate glaze, raspberry or strawberry macarons and pink candied salted popcorn - oh so delicious and PRETTY to boot. Part of the Matcha Cake Collection, if you are mad for more matcha then head right over.

Know a girly girl? Well, I just made it super easy for you to truly make her speechless on her birthday. You're welcome!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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