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Wedding - Rosie & Frank's London Love

With wedding season in full swing now I'm taking a rare breather from the heat in the kitchen to reminisce about some of my favourite weddings from the last season. Rosie and Frank's timelessly beautiful wedding is one of my absolute favourites because it was planned by one of my top wedding planner recommendations - Andri Benson of Always Andri, featured more than three hundred macaroons in classic flavours and pastel-muted tones arranged on a statuesque 10-tier tower as well as a cheeky little one on the side, with flowers by none other than Anges-fave-florist Blue Sky Flowers with fluffy full-faced peonies, Milka lilac roses and lavender. In fact, it was at this wedding where my lovely friendship with Liz started and blossomed all the way into 1 Holland Street! *Aww*

Photography Kat Hill uncovered so much light in the very stately venue - Stationer's Hall in London and captured all the details beautifully. You can view more of the wedding on her own blog here.  

Happy wedding season to all!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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