Vivienne Westwood & Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Having sifted twenty kilos of ground almonds and icing sugar, and whipping up ten kilos of ganache in the past week, I've had my first proper night's kip and some down-time with the CTO. We've had a string of unfortunate anniversary dinner experiences, mainly due to our high expectations of the level of service, or lack of, in some posh-nosh places - is it too much to ask to not get served a cold steak, and getting our drinks served before forty minutes of sitting down? Apparently so. So we finally made our way to Amaya after meaning to for ages and it was sublime. Our waiter moved like a swan. Seriously, a swan. He was floating through the air, all wispy and fluffy, looking after everyone, just like I imagine a graceful swan would (if it were to be a waiter). We had a few cocktails, including a cheeky Pina-Colada even though the barman made his disdain clear when asked for one outside of the menu. We then had a total meat-feast - minced chicken wrapped in lettuce and lollipops (I'm a big fan of any edible item on a stick), keema, monster prawns, biryani, the lot. So we made our way back home with our food babies all nice and cozy and flopped on the couch melting into the wooly feather cushions encased in the throw, feet up and all!

That melting couch, full belly feeling is normally pretty ace, but it felt all the more blissful after all the activity at Anges de Sucre lately. One of the key events being #PrettyNaughty by Rock My Wedding, and the other being Vivienne Westwood Vogue Fashion's Night Out event. Three hundred and fifty macarons, our classic 100% Papua New Guinean Organic Vanilla, bright pink, cute gold bow ties (gone within ninety minutes of the event starting!), paired with quality cocktails mixed by the good people at Bulldog Gin, and of course, High Fashion!  

Lovely little helper Katy helping with the setting up

Vivienne Westwood

Crazy awesome Bulldog gin cocktail with fresh grapefruit and lychees

Bulldog Gin cocktails

 Winding down

Vivienne Westwood Vogue Party

I have to say there was only so much self-restraint in me to not purchase the fabulous bling on display. That LOVE necklace - I LOVE.  

    Reshmi x

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