Macaroon or Macaron? An Identity Crisis

You may have noticed something a bit different around here. Okay, actually a LOT has changed. First things first...our sexy new-look website! Whaddaya think?! We've glammed it up with a fresh lick of web-paint and have also launched our cake collection online after they BROKE THE INTERNET (okay maybe not Kimmy K style, but they are really popular in Instagram-land and we're now delivering across London!).

Doughnut Cakes London

You may be thinking, 'All very very exciting stuff. But oh wait, am I going crazy or did I just read 'Macaroons' all over the place? Errr...whut?!'

Yes you did (hangs head with a teeny tiny bit of shame). You may laugh, but we actually had a 'board meeting' to decide on the fate of our signature bake's moniker on the new website - Macarons or Macaroons? It wasn't an easy decision and there was lots of back and forth, umms and ahhs on this.

Part of me feels a little silly, part of me feels like a 'traitor', but all of me feels relieved having made our decision. You see, when I started Anges de Sucre, fresh from sweating it out in Parisian kitchens, I had a little bit of 'macaron-macaroon' snobbery going on, but quickly learnt that people will call it whatever the heck they wanna call it. It's simply a language issue where 'macarons' are the French word for 'French macaroons', and 'macaroons' are those crumbly knobbly treats on little doilies. Both contain meringue, but that's as far as similarities go. So which side should I pick?!

Macaron vs Macaroon

Hilarious comparison. I've covered this topic a bit more here if you're interested (it's rather interesting!)

Not too long before the whole macaron-macaroon identity crisis, I had a bit of an identity issue of my own. I was born in Kuwait to Indian parents, grew up there, moved to Canada with my family for a brief stint in between, then moved back to Kuwait and then to England at 18, where I had no family, and hung around ever since. I always regarded Kuwait as 'home' as that is my birthplace and where I lived most of my life with my parents who were there for 40 years.

6th Form year group (2002) at Kuwait English School - can you spot me? Clue - the toothiest smile!

However, my parents have now retired and moved back to India, so Kuwait is no longer 'home'. Despite my nationality being Indian, I cannot call India 'home' as I never really lived there (other than a short while during the Gulf War). I've lived the remaining sizeable chunk of my life in England but do not have a British passport - so where can I call 'home'?

As silly as all this may sound, it did get me down a bit. It probably stemmed from me visiting my parents in India, this time last year, and having to queue in the ridiculously long 'non-EU members' queues at Heathrow! But as soon as I gathered my luggage and got on the Piccadilly line I started feeling a familiar ease. No matter where I go, when I come back to London I feel comfortable - my life, my livelihood and my love are all here. That's surely 'home'.

Best Macaroons in London

So why have I only just changed over to the 'macaroon' side after all these years? Simply because in England macarons are much more commonly known as French macaroons, and so be it. I needed to pick a side, and I picked 'home'.

You may however still hear me say 'macaron'. Oh this could really take some getting used to!


Reshmi xoxo




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January 02, 2021

With respect !!!

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