Vanilla Macaroons - Simple but not plain!

It's Alice aka Wonderfille from our online bakery! This week I'm going to talk about our wonderful Vanilla macaroons and all of the delicious ways you can enjoy them!

First of all a little bit of French history of macaroons:

A while ago, before I started working at Anges de Sucre I learnt that macaroons were particularly enjoyed during the reign of Louis XIV, called "Le Roi Soleil" (the Sun King). He was called that way because of the beautiful parties he would throw and of the luxury that the Nobles enjoyed under his reign. After all, he is the one who started building the palace of Versailles! When Louis XIV was a child, the nobles tried to rebel against the royal family, and as he was the prince he was very much traumatised by it. Therefore to keep them loyal, he would shower them with gifts and feasts. They would stay in Versailles with him, where he could keep an eye on them to make sure they weren't plotting. I even heard in a history class that the rooms in the Palace were numbered where the closer you were to number 1, the more you were in the King's favour. So the nobles would try to be as close to him as possible. Anyways, let's get back to the macaroons. After Louis XIV came his grandson Louis XVI, and the feasts and ostentatious unashamed luxury continued. His wife, Marie-Antoinette, came from Spain, and as she arrived in France she discovered the macaroons and fell in love with them. As she was to be followed by the nobles in everything she did, macaroons became particularly popular then. Eventually the French Revolution happened, which took down the noble class, putting a stop to the feasts and the luxury; and although the recipe wasn't lost, macaroons and all things that stood for luxury fell out of public favour.

According to my mum, what brought macaroons back in the spotlight (besides the fact that they are delicious), was a movie a couple of years ago about Marie-Antoinette's life where we see how much she loved them. Today, luckily for us, they aren't just enjoyed by the noble class of France. You can find them everywhere, even here in Kensington, where our chef, Reshmi Bennett has gotten the authentic macaroon recipe from France and then puts the signature Anges twist on them.

The Vanilla macaroon is one of the original classic flavours, namely because vanilla is the ultimate in luxury due to being the second most expensive spice in the world (only second to Saffron). At Anges we call them 'Fruit of the Orchid' macaroons because, in fact, vanilla pods are the only edible fruit of the flowering orchid plant (yes, I had no idea either prior to Anges). 

Vanilla Orchid Plant

Our macaroons come in luxury gift boxes, either mixed with other macaroons, or in a sweet treat box to have a selection of our delicious sweets. For wedding or other celebrations, we offer beautiful macaroon towers, of different sizes, from 4 tier to 10 tiers, which make an original change from the traditional wedding cake. There are few things more beautiful than a Fruit of the Orchid macaroon tower decorated with fresh flowers.

 Vanilla Macaron Tower

If you love vanilla but are interested in less traditional tastes, we also have the Earl Vanille macaroons, which blend together the taste of vanilla and Earl Grey tea. (I think they are delicious!).

And if macaroons aren't your thing, you should definitely try our Vanilla Sky marshmallows. They are as soft and dreamy as clouds!

Vanilla Marshmallows
So yes vanilla lovers, we have all you need at Anges de Sucre. Get inspired by Marie-Antoinette and come to our shop to try those vanilla macaroons, trust me, once you've had one, you'll want more.

Nothing plain about Vanilla at Anges!

Wonderfille x

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