The Ultimate Signature Collection Macarons: Part 1

I was bubbling over yesterday, today I'm freaking frothing. Our Signature Collection of macarons is growing...and is SUCH a GOOD LOOKING clique!
To celebrate the growth of our Signature Collection (and to blatantly show these babies off in their full glory) I embarked on a series of photo shoots with Amanda Heywood as pro clicker and Jodie from Boutique Blooms as co-stylist. I absolutely love styling our own products and wanted to marry my favourite things together - macarons, marshmallows, light, flora and foliage and I hope these photos convey a bit of 'me' across too. To me, it's Anges growing up and it makes me beam like a proud parent!

Vanilla, Rose and Lavender Macarons

First up, our best-seller, Fruit of the Orchid vanilla macaron. We use 100% organic vanilla pods sourced from Papua New Guinea, and the fruity hints of the pod really come alive as we scrape and steep the seeds and the bean to create the most vanilla-ey vanilla macaron ever without having to touch any extract or essence. Interestingly, dear reader, did you know that the Vanilla pod is actually a flowering orchid plant? In fact, it is the ONLY edible fruit of flowering orchids (hence the name - aaaaaah so clever Shmii!).

Vanilla Macarons

I wanted the vanilla pods to be accentuated in the styling and also play with monochrome, bringing out the black of the seeds against the cream and whites. What better flower pairing than a gorgeous B&W anemone in full bloom then eh?
Next up, delicately floral, oozing romance, Damask Rose macaron. Made with pure rose water and real rose buds the pastel pink pretty is a firm favourite with brides and girly girls with grown-up palettes.
Rose Macarons
For this shot it only came naturally to play with roses and show-case the beauty of the reigning queen of the floral kingdom. There are so many varieties, types and colours, of roses so Jodie picked these particular ones, Piano roses, for their tight pom-pom-like shape and matching tones to the macarons. I loved roughing it up a  bit with varied background textures so we didn't risk going too girly-girl-overboard.
Behind the Scenes - Macaron & Marshmallow styling

A lil sneaky 'behind the scenes' on how it's done, and Amanda's lovely assistant Brighitta's gorgeous reflection on screen

And finally, continuing the floral theme here, Lavender Fields - a newbie to the Signature Collection! This flavour sprung to mind after I collaborated on a sweet shoot in Mayfield Lavender Fields with London Bride last year. We take real lavender buds and infuse them in dark Belgian 70% chocolate so it nicely rounds the sweet floral tones.
Lavender Macarons
Lavender reminds me of lush Provencal countryside and I planned to portray that through rustic props, gritty textiles and tin, and Jodie upped the luxe-country-escape factor through a clever complementary arrangement of lilac spray roses (another type of rose! They're called 'Spray' as each stem can bear more than one a spray. A bit of rosy-trivia there, courtesy of Jodie).
I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed creating and styling. Can't wait to show off the next lot!
  Love, Reshmi xoxo
ps: it's not too early or too late to think about your Christmas prezzies! Our gift boxes and towers are going out up to the 23rd of December for Christmas Eve deliveries and we are taking orders in till the 19th of December. So get in there! ( xoxo

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