Married with Macaroons! Frankie & Gavin's Sweet London Do

I realise I talk about the weather A LOT - first thing in the morning when CTO and I head out for coffee before work (sometimes even a slice of coffee cake), talk about it AT work when we have to re-calibrate our recipes to the changes in atmosphere, talk about it to my neighbours, to my mom who is in India, before going to bed "Oooh it's quite chilly this evening isn't it?", and all over again the next day, so on, so forth. It's not just me! Everyone is talking about it WITH me too, around me, the papers, the telly, the radio. As a nation, we're obsessed. It's dead-obvious, hardly leads to an argument (unlike politics/ethics/football), and everyone is open to it. That's one really great thing about this country. Yeah it rains a lot, but we are blessed with seasons and all the lovely things associated with, including banter.
This is CTO's favourite time of the year - autumn (mine's spring, if anyone cares to know), with the leaves slowly turning, misty mornings, balmy yet crisp evenings. I particularly like the rain this time of year because it's not quite as cold and dank like in the winter, but almost like tepid-ish rinse that's so needed after that scorcher of a summer. And the colours!
The colours, the colours! Like this lovely tower for Frankie and Gavin's wedding at The Bleeding Heart, right at home in the restaurant's woody, rustic charm with Fruit of the Orchid, Dark as Sin, Pistache Vera and Morning Sunshine macarons.

Wedding macaron tower in earthy autumnal tones

Custom cake topper: The Dolly Bird

 Wedding macaron tower in earthy autumnal tones

Oh I do love happy action shots! Especially ones as comical as this moment where the beautiful newlyweds take upon an impressive challenge of cutting into a macaroon!

Thank you SO much Frankie and Gavin, for your lovely feedback and sharing these beautiful and candid images by Charlotte Bromley Davenport Photography. Congratulations!
Love, Reshmi xoxo

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