Mad about Macarons at London Fashion Week 2013

Autumn's here, and Chrimbo's creeping up around the corner - I know, I know it's only September, but we're already whipping up some yum yums in the kitchen to get ready for the season to be jolly. If you suspect we might be fast-forwarding a bit too much, I'd like to point out that London Fashion Week's been and gone and they habitually jump the gun even further by showcasing Spring/Summer 2014 collections!
I was particularly delighted to see supermodels sporting macaron hues on the catwalk for Burberry's Christopher Bailey's show. Not sure if Cara & Co. actually indulge in too many macarons themselves but the catwalk certainly looked mighty DELICIOUS with pastel shades sashaying down to a petal shower!

Pastel Pink Macaroons London UK

Pretty in Pinks! Uber-Girly at its best with our Marie-Antoinette, Damask Rose and Raspberry Ripple macarons

Pastel Pink Purple Lilac Macarons London Fashion Week UK

Something so lush and romantic about Lavender shades, which also featured as a popular flavour this year for summer weddings, such as this cutesy one

Pastel Macarons London UK Fashion Week

Cara Delevingne showing feminine-pastel-pretty and fierce simultaneously! It's the eyebrows and the strut and the 'tude.

Pastel Macarons London Fashion Week UK Burberry

Fashion + Flora + Pastel Patisserie Perfection = Catwalk of my Dreams

Personally, perhaps owing to my Asian heritage, I'm rather partial to brights and bolds. However, I am now seriously looking forward to softening my sartorial choices next summer!
Are you bold? Are you soft? Amidst our 30 odd flavours (and counting) we are sure to have a macaron for any taste.
Now then, I'm off to dig my super fashionable onesie out for the winter...nope, not too soon.
Reshmi xoxo
ps: If you're planning a wedding or an event and are keen on a pastel palette, grab some inspiration at B.Loved and Style & the Bride!

LFW Photos: Getty

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