Christening Cake at Calcot Manor, Cotswolds

We've had some incredible experiences in the past week, delivering cakes across some incredible hotels and restaurants in London and further afield in Cambridge and a massive farm in Portsmouth where we went rhubarb and asparagus picking! I didn't think anything could quite top that experience, until this weekend just past.

Christening Cake 

We delivered one of the most important cakes to the Cotswolds - a Deliciously Stella Christening cake for none other than my own godson, Matthew! Having the honour of being chosen as lil Matty Moo's godmother it was one of my first godmotherly tasks to make sure he gets his Christening cake safe and sound from the time of being baked in London to being cut at Calcot Manor, the same venue his parents got married two years ago (where we served our macarons for petit fours too!). Our cakes have gone some miles this week but this was probably the most precious delivery for me personally, the pressure was deffo ON!

Cake delivery selfie

As fate would have it, it also happened to be held at the same Sunday service which was attended by the Prince of Wales - I was sat three pews away from him! No, he wasn't having any of the cake as he wasn't invited to the Christening but it was kinda cool that he played peek-a-boo with Matty Moo after the service. We then went for a long and languorous Sunday Roast at Calcot Manor after which the cake was served.


Sunday Roast Calcot Manor

Chest filled with pride, bellies filled with yum, we got back home and collapsed into a happy heap. Thank you so much for choosing me as godmother L&R! I can't wait to see Matty Moo grow and make sure he knows good cake from bad.

Christening Calcot Manor

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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