Launching Double Dip Macarons

What's Your Macaron Flava, Temme What's Your Flava! 

I started dreaming up Anges de Sucre from my little kitchen in Notting Hill about 4 years ago having spotted a gaping gap in the UK market after returning from chef training in Paris - the gaping gap in the world of macaroons (2016 this ain't the case no more). These delicate little delights are dotted around Paris in their pretty pastel colours perking up patisserie windows all over the French capital. However, while the classic 'safe' offerings from the big French patisseries, such as Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rose and Lemon, had paved the way for the macaron in England, I was needing much more. The macaron is bite-sized, but it is also the perfect vessel for well-balanced intensity in countless flavour profiles and I wanted to show it off at its full potential!

Double Dip Macarons

Not only do we have at least 18 flavours available at our new London shop, perfectly paired with our own-blend teas, stellar Coutume coffee and hot chocolates, we have also upgraded our new website to include a fancy NEW function where customers can select exactly which flavours they'd like to include in the gorgeous gift boxes of 7 or 18 macarons!

Of our whole new range of flavours launched, we do have a very special range exclusively at Anges de Sucre, London - the Double-Dip macarons! After months of technique-tweaking and taste-testing in the lab kitchen we are SO EXCITED to have invented and to unveil our very own special recipes of macarons unlike any other and in flavours unique to Anges de Sucre, glazed with a smooth Belgian chocolate coating and rolled in fruit or nuts.

They have a crisp crunch on the outside followed by an incredibly truffle-like centre, in our inventive flavour combinations such as Nuts-about-Ella (chocolate and hazelnuts), All-Americana (peanut butter and banana), Hula Aloha (lychee and raspberry) and Coco Loco (coconut and chocolate). In case you're not able to pop in store for these beauties, fret not dear friend, very soon we will also have these available ONLINE along with the rest of the mac-gang so you are able to treat anyone (or even yourself) anywhere in the UK!



If you are even slightly as excited as I am, pop over to the boutique at 1 Holland Street to try these gorgeous things or get a box delivered to you or a loved one (who may even be willing to share!) right here.


Lots of double-dippin' love,

Reshmi xoxo

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