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Do Me a Favour: Macaron Posh Pops

Food on sticks are irresistible to me. Canapes, lollies, magnums, kebab skewers, anything on a stick. What could possibly be cuter than a macaron on a stick (which we have given the mega-cool moniker of Posh Pops) though? A macaron Posh Pop dressed up with these cute covers!
Macaron Pops
These adorable covers are available as a FREE printable download with dead simple assembly instructions from my buddy and purveyor of the best London Wedding supplier finds, Samantha of A Little London Wedding. So go here and download download download!
Samantha and her crafty designer dudette Amanda Fuller have created a variety of designs for you to freely print and beautify your macaron Posh Pops, just because they're cool like that. My favourite is the polka-dot one! Ooh no, the Anges-ey duck egg blue-ey one! Actually, it's a toss up between polka-dots and Anges-ey.
The ones available now at A Little London Wedding are wedding-ready, but if you'd like to customise them just get in touch with Sam or Amanda and they'll do you a fab new one, just for you.


I think a contrast colour that pops onto your eyes for the macaron is really striking. These could be great as place settings too with name tags tied on.


Dead simple instructions. What did I tell you?

I adore this idea. It is such a cute party or wedding favour. I'd love to see personalised versions for weddings or birthdays with dates, initials, monograms, and cute graphics. They could also be custom printed to have logos for corporate and press events! If you'd like some macaron Posh Pops for your day, be it wedding, birthday, press or corporate event, drop us a line at now for a quote! 


Food on sticks. Aaahh.  

Love, Reshmi xoxo

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Feb 25, 2016

Good evening ,

We love your idea of ​ macaron posh pops and we would use it as gift for guests of the baptism of our daughter.
Therefore you he ’ll be possible to customize the message for the event?
If so, the following:
" Baptism of Clémence 19 June 2016 " .

We will thank you in advance .

Sincerely Stephanie Tisseyre
(Tel: 0658545104 France )

TISSEYRE Stéphanie

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