Modern Wedding Cake Croquembouche at Brides

So remember this little disaster that occurred this summer? The episode where my 5-tiered wedding cake for an epic Brides magazine photo shoot fell from grace? While I may never quite get over that embarrassment wholly, important lessons were learnt (isn't that what "experience" is for?! ;)), I was overjoyed when Brides magazine still considered us taking part in the World's Most Modern Wedding Cakes exhibit at Brides the Show this year. 

They still were keen to feature the Triple Decker Golden Stella cake but I had a better trick up my sleeve - the crazy Croquembouche cake trick! It proved so popular, and is so modern and unlike anything that would have been displayed that it was a no-brainer.

Blue Wedding Cake Croquembouche

The brief was originally 24k so we blinged it up with lots of gold leaf gilded macarons, profiteroles, eclairs and Kinder Buenos, Kitkats, Ferrero Rochers etc. We accentuated the gold with pops of blue piped buttercream flowers, cuz y'know, it's for a wedding and something blue.

Blue Wedding Cake Croquembouche

It does involve a LOT of work. There's the baking of the cakes, the macarons, choux etc and then there is the buttercreaming and carving, followed by hours for the actual decorating. All this croquembouche action came down in the same week I came down with a grim lurgy, as well as creating THAT cake for Fleur de Force, so with very little sleep and a lot of lemsip I had to keep the tiredness at bay and power through, and I even surprised myself with how much I got through on such little energy! #bigpatonownback




It was particularly nice to see photos tagged from the weekend at Brides the Show of the modern croquembouche wedding cake. I'm so proud to see that it was displayed amidst some great company too!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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