Number 1 Cakes for Birthdays and Anniversaries

This month has been a month of a lot of firsts - my first time on the silver screen (none other than the BBC), our first time filming the Croquembouche cake for a big international media house, and our FIRST BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Number 1 Cake

Every business coach says to listen to your customer, and we often do. Some of our amazing cakes are as a result of some of our customer's ideas, like the Triple Decker Emoji Cake, and the Unicorn mini cakes. The one request we received quite frequently was for number cakes and the only reason we shied away from them was because a lot of the ones available on the market aren't particularly attractive to me, verging on the novelty-side (my personal dread!). Until I realised there was a way we could make it our own - drippy chocolate n all, with a piped pattern of lovely buttercream swirls and whirls. And of course, we start with the number 1!

Number 1 Cake

It's given me a new medium to explore and I'm really excited! With so many interesting angles and curves to play with I think each digit is gorgeous (but in case you're wondering, my favourite number is 3 - maybe it's a cheffy thing??).

Perfect for 1st birthdays, anniversaries and milestones, we'll be introducing more designs over the coming weeks and months so check back!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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