Chelsea Football Club Birthday Cake

The first football game I ever watched live-in-the-flesh was at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge. It was a Chelsea vs I-can't-remember-whom game. What I do remember was that we were in a private box and the hospitality WAS UNLIKE ANYTHING I'VE EVER BEEN TO!

Chelsea Football Club

We were guests of a friend who worked at CFC and were shown an absolute grand time - unlimited pink Laurent Perrier champagne (my fave) on tap, unlimited incredible sushi that just seemed to keep getting magically replenished every time I gobbled and blinked. What about the game?! Well, the game was a draw, but I was won over by the food and banter. I think the other "regulars" in the box were probably a bit bemused by my obvious excitement and over-indulgence but our friend reassured me, "The food and drink is MEANT to be had! Don't feel shy". Hence I was justified in obliging, no need to ask me twice! ;)

That kinda once-in-a-lifetime experience will forever be etched in my memory, as will this lovely email from a customer:

Chelsea Football Club

"Sending you guys a big thank you…the cake was amazing! Not only to look at..it tasted great too!
Birthday boy being presented at ‘Under the  Bridge’ venue at Stamford Bridge. The cake was as stunning as the evening.
Thanks again.. it's the 3rd time I’ve bought a cake from you and will be doing again. Great value too!"
Oh the FEEEELLLSSS!!! THAT felt so much better than all the free-flowing pink champugs and sushi in the world!
Chelsea Football Club Cake
Christian's 21st birthday cake was a Bespoke version of our Gaga Rainbow cake - the sponges were vanilla and chocolate, and the colour scheme was blue, white and yellow with matching doughnuts, chocolate shards and popcorn.
While I may not be lucky enough to go back and relive the fabulous Chelsea box experience in this lifetime again, I'm pleased to pieces that we can go back again in cake spirit!
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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