Selfridges Press Day: Christmas Cakes in July

Oh how fun, putting our Christmas hats on on the HOTTEST DAYS OF THE YEAR last week. Actually it was more fraught than fun but we pulled through with 3 Christmas crackin' designs and over 300 mini cupcake samples to show off and dish out at Selfridges' uber fun Christmas in July press day.

Golden Stella

To those outside of the consumer goods industries Christmas in July must seem a very strange concept, and indeed it is. How are you meant to feel festive and seasonal with it being 36 degrees, super sunny, wearing shorts and camis? Who wants mulled wine when melting outdoors?

Selfridges Press ShowImage by @fashchatherine

As bizarre as this may all sound, Christmas in July is the most important type of press event there is in the industry as it is the day when businesses show case their Christmas offerings to key members of the press who are starting to prepare their Christmas guides and articles. While we may have baked up our Christmas cake range for the event in July, we actually plan even further ahead...from APRIL - I've barely burnt off all the goose-fat roasted tatties by then from the previous Christmas and I'm thinking about the following. LOLZ.

Selfridges Christmas Cakes

I've been to a fair few Press days but I have never been to a Press day like a Selfridges press day! Drinks on tap, nibbles et all...but wait, a drag queen show throughout the entire duration of the day - it was possibly one of the wilder parties I've ever been to, let alone a "work" do!

Christmas Bauble Muffle Cake

I had a great time hobnobbing with 100s of press people from a variety of media and publications like BBC Good Food, ITV's This Morning to name a few and also bumping into known faces. I also had a bit of a cool moment when someone recognised my mug from the Evening Standard! Does that make me "celeb" enough for a stint on Celebrity Big Brother? ;) 

Anges de Sucre Selfridges

It was a very long day, and I got home absolutely beat but not before stopping off at my favourite, Snowflake Gelato, in the FoodHall for a perk-me-up ice cream cookie sammich.

Why not take a look at our full range of Christmas cakes?

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo



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September 17, 2017

This sounds like a day of deliciousness!

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