Lady Red Velvet Birthday Cake

I'll be blunt...I don't understand the appeal of Red Velvet cake. Never have, never will. I often try to reason with it but I think it comes down to not understanding it - is it it it just cuz it's red?? What is it about bloomin' red velvet?!

Red Velvet Cakes London

One of our FAQs is "What's Reshmi's favourite birthday cake?" and generally the answer is Carrot or Matcha or Chocolate...anything but Red Velvet. Easy enough question, easy enough answer and often our customers are happy to go along with one of "Chef's Favourites" if they ask. But imagine the awkwardness of this recent exchange with a customer enquiring about delivering a birthday cake in Teddington...

Customer: "What's your favourite cake?"

Me: "Oh mine? Carrot or chocolate cake like the MacDreamy, Salted Caramel Latte or Nutella Ferrero Rocher...""

Customer: "What about The Lady Red Velvet cake, my wife loves red velvet and I was interested in getting that for her birthday."

Me: "It's very nice and also really popular, your wife would love it if she likes red velvet."

Customer: "But it's not your favourite? Why?"

Lady Red Velvet Cake in Teddington

I'm stumped at this point. How do I explain my dislike of red velvet to a customer whose wife clearly has her own preferences? And who am I to say I don't understand said preference and risk offending and potentially lose a sale just because of my own tastes?? So I lied. Very awkwardly.

Me: "Oh hee hee, no I love it really, it's so umm red and lovely with the tangy cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream." 

Red Velvet Cake London

So dear customer, I am so sorry I lied to you. But imagine my joy when you sent this feedback after receiving your cake last weekend:

"Thank you for the most beautiful cake delivered last Friday. It looked great, and I couldn't think it possible, but it tasted even better. My wife was absolutely thrilled and it was polished off by all the kids and grown-ups, but not after numerous photos and selfies. Everyone asked where we got it from and some even went for second servings 😊 We are already looking forward to the next occasion (excuse) to order another!"

Red Velvet Birthday Cake London

Wahooooo! Who cares about my own likes and dislikes when I'm chuffed to bits about making customers happy even with cakes I may not personally "get" eh? I just need to come up with a better, less awkward way of lying about my issue with Red Velvet.

 Lots of red velvety love,

Reshmi xoxo

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