The Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

"The Cake to Break a 100 Diets for"

Cakes so naughty, they'll make you cheat! Since our cakes have launched not too long ago, they've created quite the fuss. They've been featured on Rock My Wedding's Instagram account which got a ridiculous response (something like more than 700 likes and almost a 100 comments! That's IMMENSE) and on London Bride blog. These two features alone, coupled with our own Instagram, has lead to so many enquiries per day for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, retirement cakes, housewarming cakes...cakes literally for any and every occasion ("Girls Night In with Wine & Cake"-cake...yes, that happened) that we decided to finally launch the cake range ONLINE - woohoo!

Wedding Cake London

You can buy our kooky, crazy, totally rad cakes on the website for delivery from our London bakery - the delivery cost is based on distance. 

Birthday Cake London

The stuff press are saying is awesome of course, but I get seriously deliriously unhinged with joy when I hear feedback like "this is the cake to break a 100 diets for"! Could there possibly BE any better feedback?!

The cake I'd break a 100 diets for, over and over, is the Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake. This cake is one of our doughnut cake rockstars and it's not hard to see why.

Birthday Cakes London

Smooth as silk cookies & cream Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream
Lofty chocolatey sponge cake layers
Belgian chocolate glaze
White chocolate and cookie shards
Chocolate glazed baked buttermilk doughnuts
aaand...Oreo cookie crumble galore!

This cake is literally all my childhood dreams in one.

Each cake is baked and hand-decorated to order, hence each one is totally individual and awesome. It's baby blue frosting is perfect for cool boys and gals but I think it looks lovely in ANY colour - check out this fabulous cut-out painting by Elido inspired by a version of the Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake:

Doughnut Cookie Cake Illustration by Elido

Sweet huh? LOVE IT both in cake-form AND painting-form!

Lots of Doughnut-Cookie-Monster-Cake-luvin,

Reshmi xoxo


PS: If a birthday/wedding/girls-night-in-with-wine-and-cake occasion is not in the horizon, Father's Day is! Treat Dad to this super cake and he'll love you so much he'll deffo share ;)

Father's Day Cake


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