Naked, Sexy and Ghetto-Fabulous Birthday Cakes

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Getting naked for the hubby's birthday has never been this much fun.

I'm talking in cake terms you filthmonger you! Introducing our latest and greatest - The Nuddy Muddy Ghetto-Riche cakes.

Birthday Cakes London

It was one of my own birthday bonanza weekends - my main man, PB, and also my oldest chums from home, Taiba, have back-to-back birthdays this weekend. I made it my mission to make PB a birthday cake this year (if you'd like to know why...here's why). So personal to me that I couldn't pick one from our existing (and fast growing!) gallery of birthday cakes, hence I had to come up with something that would signify this particular weekend for me forever. It's hot, it's the summer, so our cakes are getting naked baby!

Birthday Cakes London


All the deliciousness of our cakes, but oozing so much more sexiness as we strip back the icing to reveal hints of the luscious layers underneath. And as Leos are known to have hearts of gold, of course the toppings for the cakes were going to be gold - Golden Pretzels, Golden Oreos, Golden Rolos, Golden Maltesers, Golden Macarons, Golden Doughnuts, Golden Salted Caramel Jazz Balls. Golden EVERYTHING.

 Birthday Cakes London

I LOVE how the luxe gold details are a fabulous contrast against the rough-luxe appeal of the semi-naked cake. When PB looked at his cake he said, "I can see why people like these cakes...they're literally a FEAST! Where do I even begin?!". We didn't even bother with cutting slices and instead dug straight in with our spoons and mitts.

 Birthday Cakes Richmond London

I look forward to digging into Taiba's tonight! This time probably in a more civilised manner...(or maybe not).

Birthday Cakes London

Lots of naked (cake) love,

Reshmi xoxo

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09 August, 2015

Yummy ❤️❤️❤️

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Cake Size Guide

 Tiers Size (inch) Portions
1 8 14
1 10 21
1 12 28
2 6 & 8 22
2 8 &10 35
2 10 & 12 49
3 6, 8 & 12 43
3 8, 10 & 12 63
4 8,10,12& 14 84