Designer Wedding Show October 2012

October has started off with a big boom BANG! Let's start with revealing some rather awesome news [insert: drum-roll] - our latest addition to the Anges de Sucre family, our very own mini-Ange Becky!

Designer Wedding Show October 2012 - Anges de Sucre

Becky, aka Lady Bakewell (her rather tasty alter-ego), joins us with her love of all things baked, all things sweet, and all things pretty. It was a social media love affair between Madame Ange and Mini-Ange after they got introduced by Brides Magazine over Twitter one not particularly eventful Friday afternoon. Mini was in the midst of wedding planning (the wedding for which is this Saturday, eeek) and was on the lookout for some fabulous macaroons. But of course, she got in touch privately with Madame and after a few meet-ups, macaroons and mimosas (not necessarily in that order) it was decided - Anges de Sucre will be at the wedding, and Mini will be at Anges de Sucre after the wedding. Yes, that simple. Okay so now I'm going to cease narrating as I feel really weird talking about myself in the third. It's just odd. So what better way to introduce our newest Ange than by throwing her into the deep-end at one of the best, chicest, fabulous-est bridal fairs in London, The Designer Wedding Show? None really. So we threw her in. We baked, we piped, we wallpapered. We conquered. Quite chuffed with our stand below - whatcha think? Gorgeous photos courtesy of ace wedding photographer extraordinaire Anneli Marinovich.

Designer Wedding Show London Macarons

That's us!

Designer Wedding Show London 2012 Anneli Marinovich Photography Macaroons Macarons

Designer Wedding Show London Macarons

Mini's man's beautifully produced photo book full of eye-macaroon-candy that we loved showing off to all. 

We chose a palette of peaches, pinks, chocolate, pastel green and gold. That's our ginormous champagne saucer full of dummies. Hilariously (sometimes tediously) some cheeky folk tried tucking into our display dummies without asking. Is it perhaps a bit too cheeky? We're not going to complain as it provided some quality comedy.


That's Madame Ange beaming and buzzing.

The lovely Yolande perusing our stuff and Sam, my little helper and re-caffeinater for the day, being amusing.

 A petite bespoke tower with Peaches & Cream macaroons, sugar hydrangeas and poppies

Our Love Posh Pops! Aren't they so darling? The fancy lettering was created by the very clever Erin of BerinMade which we then jazzed up with glittery gold.

A medium bespoke tower with Dark Chocolate macaroons, and sugar pink hydrangeas and moth orchids and our favour bags and boxes.

Posh pops as centrepieces or place-settings. Anything's better on a stick, surely?


A more contemporary tower with 220 macaroons on a table featuring more of Jodie Vigor's (of Boutique Blooms) beautiful floral creations including pink and peach David Austin roses to complement our palette.

Oh Hello Brides! We sure are super chuffed for having been featured in the last issue of this bridal bible.

Blingin' gold mini macaroons!

Here's a wee little sneaky peek at our gorgeous gift boxes being launched oh so so very soonish!

And in between chatting and sampling with many amazing brides we did have time to play at the fabulous and fun Photo Emporium booths (Airstream?! WHAT!)


I'd like to think all this macaroon loveliness was created out of thin air, effortlessly, finger clicking, when in reality it was a result of some sleepless nights, a lot of planning, plans falling apart, change of premises, some more sleepless nights, throw in some indigestion for good measure, and a lot of love. Serious amounts of love:
  • Logistics lovin' from CTO, MIL and BFF
  • Piping lovin' from Mini
  • Graphic design lovin' from Mini's man
  • Floral design lovin' from Jodie of Boutique Blooms
  • Cute signs lovin' from Erin of Berin Made
  • Helping hand lovin' from Sam of A Little London Wedding
  • Photographic lovin' from Anneli Marinovich (this was almost like a little LoveLuxeLaunch reunion)

  I toldja, lots of love. Thank you all so very much for helping make this show such a success for us. We met some really lovely brides (including a dear uni pal!), couples, mums and friends and got to know some nice industry. So what's next? We're prepping for our gift boxes, shop launch, Taste for Christmas, and a few more winter weddings. But first and fore-most - Mini-Ange's wedding cake! Here's to a weekend of love, laughter, and Gangnam Style!  

Reshmi x

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