If you’re looking for a way to inject some personality into a wedding then a weird wedding cake could be just the ticket.

Some brides might be all about the frock and the honeymoon but others are using the cake to show the world what kind of couple they really are!

If you’re bored of hearts, lace and flowers and looking for some unusual wedding inspiration, we’ve put together a selection of some of the weirdest and most unusual wedding cakes around.


Triple Decker Chicken and Waffle Cake 

Chicken and waffles might sound like an unlikely combo, but in the good ‘ole USA it’s a partnership going back hundreds of years. 

We decided to celebrate this culinary phenomenon from across the pond by creating our very own version in the only way we know how - as a cake. 

Using layers of Belgian chocolate brownie, red velvet and vanilla sponges we made a tower sandwiched together with sea-salted caramel buttercream. Our pretend fried chicken is actually chocolate-covered pretzels, coated in cookie crumbs, giving a texture just like the real thing.

Fried CHicken waffle weird wedding cake London

 Image: www.instagram.com/amymmmbop

When this crazy creation was ordered for a  we knew that the bride and groom had personality in spades - and that their wedding would have too.


Pork Pie Wedding Cake by Toppings Pies at Yumbles

So you’re savoury, not sweet? How about this wonderfully weird wedding cake that meat-loving Brits are sure to adore? 

This unusual wedding cake is a tier of heart-shaped pork pies in a variety of flavours by Toppings Pies.

Wedding Pork Pie Cake

Add your own message or some pastry flowers to make a special meaty cake. Just watch out for vegetarians on your guest list…


Horn of the unicorn croquembouche

This towering feast was inspired by the wonder of ‘croquembouche’, the tiny and fanciful puffs of pastry and cream straight outta France in the 1500’s. 

Rising over the centuries to become architectural wonders of pastry and spun sugar, by the 19th century croquembouche had become a total showstopper.  

So we did our own take - and added a unicorn horn.

Wedding Croquembouche Cake

Yep, this astonishing wonder of a cake first of all broke Instagram before being delivered to a real-life London wedding to make an incredible centre-piece for the day (aside from the bride, of course!) 

At just over a metre tall, we built the cake up with chocolate and vanilla sponge layers, sandwiched with smooth Swiss meringue buttercream. We drizzled over a Belgian chocolate ganache then went wild with the decoration including profiteroles, eclairs, macarons and buttermilk doughnuts. 

And it wasn’t just unicorns that stamped a hoof on the croquembouche. We were so inspired we developed a whole croquembouche range. See it here.


Neal’s Yard Celebration Cheese Cakes

For cheese-lovers, what could be better than a whole stack of the stuff on the most important day of your life? 

Layered-up whole cheese aren’t a weird wedding cake of ours in disguise. They really are made of the most delicious and unusual cheeses from all around the country, with a taste to suit every palette.

Cheese Wedding Stack - Neal's Yard

Image: Neal's Yard

Whether you’re a fan of stilton, cheddar or goat’s cheese, a towering marvel of dairy goodness makes a terrific alternative to traditional wedding cakes.


Krispy Kreme Wedding Stack

If you’re so over traditional cake, how about a doughnut tower for an eye-catching alternative to a wedding dessert? 

With 80 years of doughnut heritage under their belt, Krispy Kreme have cornered the market in fresh, mouth-watering doughnuts in all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Wedding Tower

Image: Krispy Kreme

From the original glazed to the crazy cake batter to the unusual sour cream version, you’re sure to find some flavours here that wedding guests won’t see coming.


Three tiered pink sweetheart cake 

Sometimes when it comes to a wedding, you just can’t beat a little old-world romance. This weird wedding cake is another of our own creations, and although it might look more usual, we couldn’t help but stick a big, fat doughnut on the top. We know - that’s not your average wedding topper.

Even so, could there be a more romantic, pretty cake? With three layers of vanilla sponge and smooth meringue buttercream this cake features pink and white stripes all round and a Belgian chocolate drip. 

With candied popcorn, piped buttercream flowers, macarons, doughnuts and more, we don’t think you’ll find a better slice of cake to start the first day of the rest of your life with.

So, what do you think? Would you like to have any of these cakes at your own wedding? We’re always up for making a custom order, so if you have your own weird wedding cake request, we’d love to hear about it!


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