Embark on a journey into love and timeless beauty with this enchanting engagement shoot. Amidst the myriad of styled shoots, witness the authenticity of a real couple in a stunning location, styled with simplicity. Behold the allure of a lavender field that captivates hearts.

A captivating lavender field

Intricate pinwheels grace the bouquet, and a quaint afternoon tea setup unfolds with vintage crockery, heart macarons, and blossoms. Baby's breath, ribbons, and tulle weave together, creating one of the most romantic picnic setups.

A floral belt


 Adorned with wispy floaty ribbons, chairs add a whimsical touch.



Charm abounds in the delicately dangling sparklies.

lavender-fields-london-bride-heart-macaroons-wedding-macarons-04   lavender-fields-london-bride-heart-macaroons-wedding-macarons-07

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the lavender fields.

lavender-fields-london-bride-heart-macaroons-wedding-macarons-09 lavender-fields-london-bride-heart-macaroons-wedding-macarons-10   lavender-fields-london-bride-heart-macaroons-wedding-macarons-13   


Inspired by this enchanting shoot, we crafted a collection of heart cakes. Infused with natural flavours, frosted with smooth dark Belgian chocolate, and adorned with a variety of decorations—love at first bite.

Venue: Mayfield

Stylist: London Bride

Photographer: Eddie Judd

Floral design: Fairy Nuff Flowers

Make-up: Siobhan Drew

Dress: Kitty and Dulcie

Wishing Wiyono and Angelia a life filled with smiles and endless beauty!


Reshmi xoxo

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