[Updated 23/11/2023] If you dig our fresh and contemporary take on cakes, but are hankering for the timeless beauty of an ivory wedding cake, boy do I have a treat in store for you! Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to the ever so charming Ivory Flourish Wedding Cake.

Ivory Wedding Cake

That’s right, I only went and designed a wedding cake with NO COLOUR. I’ll freely admit that I was dying to add colour, chocolate, sparkle, something, ANYTHING to this plain Jane wedding cake but in the end simplicity won out. And she’s a beauty don’t you think?

Ivory Wedding Cake made in London

Our signature decorating style uses lots of different elements such as macarons, chocolate drips, and popcorn, so I’m no stranger to texture, but this is the first cake to rock a full-on piped buttercream extravaganza. This abundance of swirly, whirly, and twirly texture works beautifully with floral-filled weddings, while the patterns are evocative of lace and embroidery- perfect if your dress is embellished with either one. Subtle ivory pearls dotted throughout the piped flowers add another level of detail which might also tie into your jewellery or gown, but if you’re not a fan of the matchy-matchy style, I think it makes a beautiful centrepiece in its own right don’t you?

Ivory Wedding Cake Up-Close

This wedding cake is a master of smart casual- or ‘smasual’ as we call it round here- looking just as at ease and effortless at a whimsical barn wedding or an elegant city soiree. And the good news is that all that piped silky smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream tastes SO good! On the inside, lashings of buttercream are layered with vanilla sponge and the little pearls are white chocolate- so you get all the beauty of a timeless ivory wedding cake without any of the icky fondant icing or heavy fruit cake.

If you fancy a different flavour or want to ruin the hard work I put in to sticking to this ivory colour scheme, we can customize colours and flavours if you ask us nicely. Just get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking of, and we’ll get our piping bags ready.

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