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I love it when couples get in touch saying they love our designs and would like to customise it to make it their own bespoke and unique wedding cake. Other than it being dead flattering to be told that someone loves our work, it also gives us the opportunity to think outside our Anges box and gets some of those creative juices flowing again. Like for Anouska and Jack's three-tiered London autumn wedding cake delivered to The Brewery on Chiswell Street.

Wedding Cake London

Now by customising and bespoke I don't mean when customers send us photos of cakes by other cake makers saying, "I love your cakes but can you make something unique and bespoke for us like the cake in the photos attached?". Or, "I love your cakes but we want something more traditional like this [insert dull-as royal iced fruitcake pic]". Errr, lemme let that one sink in for a moment before the realisation hits. It's not unique, and it's not bespoke, if it's already been designed and made by someone else. Also, chances are it'll be much less cost efficient to get us to create something that's not in our style as opposed to going to the original cake maker (or the supermarket for a dull-as royal iced fruitcake!). But I'll just let that one sink in on its own. 

London Wedding Cake

What I mean is we'll customise our style to ANY theme! Anouska wrote to us asking about customising our Doughnut cake design to incorporate with rich autumnal and jewel colours featuring in their bridesmaids dresses and floral design, and we ran with it. My own personal preference is pastels but as I was creating this cake I fell more and more in love with it. The jewel tone glazed doughnuts and candied popcorn add a playfulness to the cake, and the gold leaf macarons and twig-like chocolate sticks give it a luxurious autumnal vibe over tiers of red velvet, vanilla and chocolate sponges.

Here are some other bespoke tiered wedding cakes we've made that I so very much love - they're all in our style but each unique just like their couples!

Devon Wedding Cake

Autumn London Wedding Cake

Interested in your own? We have explained the exact process on how to order your bespoke wedding cake.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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