Being #PrettyNaughty at Rock My Wedding

Whether you are a bride-to-be, or a recent bride, or just a lover of all things pretty (and naughty), you must've heard of bridal blogging royalty - Rock My Wedding. Not only is it an explosion of happy loveliness on the screen, it's got some really cool people behind the blog who organised their first big industry party, #PrettyNaughty, and it was just as it promised - with a lot of pretty and a lot of naughty. Let me warn you right now, this post is going to involve the words "Pretty" and "Naughty" rather heavily. I'm not sure why I should have a disclaimer at all though - who doesn't like pretty and naughty?!

    A gaggle of girls got together at Euston station and headed up to Birmingham. I love train journeys, even more so when you've got a bunch of really fun people - Becky, Andri and Katherine. And of course, a bunch of macaroons in different shades of grey (naughty naughty - like the book - gettit gettit?).

Grey macarons


  We clocked into our family rooms at the uber-glam Travelodge and got into our respective glamourpuss-dolling-up routines and were joined by Anneli, Carmen, Michelle and Victoria & Fran of Bride & Chic for dinner at the Malmaison Brasserie. This is smiley me after a naughty passion fruit martini.  

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 8

So after the quickest fancy dinner ever, done and dusted in under an hour, we hot-footed (cabbed) it across to Fazeley Studios for the #PrettyNaughty Rock My Wedding bash. There was SO MUCH PRETTY, and a lot of OMG NAUGHTY to gawk and shriek at.

Love vs Lust ladders, doors of dirty, naughty knickers, bike shed video booth, dirty drawing boards, a cool catwalk featuring some top-notch Bridal designers as well as RMW's collaboration with Maids to Measure, a Pretties tables with lip gloss and nail varnish goody bags, and the Shades of Grey delightfully dangerous table featuring frilly garters, dip dabs and Anges de Sucre macaroons! So a few glasses of vino and maybe even some shots, we were suitably ill-behaved and raucous. Result.

Love vs Lust Ladders

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 1

The Door of Dreams

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 2

Wearing my naughty badge

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon

Rock My Undies on the Catwalk

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon

Shades of Grey Table

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 19

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 41

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughty London Macaroon 7

Pretty Naughty Ladies

Rock My Wedding London Naughty Ladies

Oh dear.

Rock My Wedding Pretty Naughto London Macaroon 44

Big love to the RMW team for such a grand evening - Charlotte, Adam, Lauren, Grace. You may be proud to know that we ended the night in proper filthy style with a dirty kebab and a greasy curry, and woke up the next day with heads full of shame and aches. All signs of a totally amazing night.

And thank you Lady B for letting me pinch some of your photographic evidence.

Reshmi x

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