Wedding cake do’s and don’ts

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can feel like navigating one giant obstacle course, as you try and fail to anticipate where the next hurdle is coming from. And ordering a wedding cake is certainly no different.

It’s likely to be the biggest and baddest (in the awesome sauce sense) cake you’ll ever order- unless you throw gigantic parties for your Facebook friends every year- and that’s a lot of cake responsibility right there.

 Ivory Flourish Wedding Cake

Ivory Flourish Wedding Cake by Anges

But fear not, this can actually be the most fun and delicious parts of the wedding process, if you do it right. With hundreds of cakes under our belts, I’m sharing some simple pointers with you to turn that frown upside down!

Read on to find out all about the do’s and don’ts of ordering a wedding cake:

Do a bit of research first

We all know how well things turn out when you walk into a shop with no idea what you’re looking for. You almost always walk out empty handed or with something you don’t really want. So spend some time thinking about what sort of cake flavours and styles float your boat before you even approach a baker. This will make it easier to find a great baker that specialises in the sort of thing you have in mind.

Do book your baker early

As soon as you have your wedding date set, it’s a good idea to reserve your cake maker. You can finalise details closer to the time once you’ve sorted other things, but reputed bakers often get booked up for popular dates 6 months- 1 year in advance.

Do make sure you eat some cake on the day

What would be sadder than taking the time to order a beautiful wedding cake, admiring it during your reception and then forgetting to eat any?! The day goes by in such a whirlwind, there’s a good chance you just won’t get the chance to snack on your own wedding cake, so make sure you ask your caterer to put a few slices to one side for you and your beloved to enjoy as a midnight snack or breakfast the next day.

Rustic Floral Wedding Cake

Rustic Floral Wedding Cake by Anges

Do schedule cutting the cake

If forgotten and unloved cake makes you cry inside, make sure you set a time in your wedding day schedule to cut the cake. Why not do it to signal the start of the wedding breakfast and then serve slices as dessert? Or bring out platters of the stuff in the evening to fuel the dancing and festivities! The key here is simply to make sure your guests know that the cake is served and ready to be demolished; I guarantee it’ll disappear.

Do personalise

A wedding cake is a great opportunity to put a bit of your personality into it. Have fun with your favourite colours, flavours and decorative details that mean something to you as a couple. Nowadays, anything goes, so you don’t have to get hung up on tradition if it’s not important to you.

Don’t try to please everyone

Because you can’t. If you love chocolate fudge cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream- which we happen to do a mean riff on here- then go for it! There’s no way you’ll appeal to every one of your guests with flavour and style, so your only option really is to go for something you both adore. #noregrets


Don’t forget your baker is a professional

There’s a reason you’ve booked a professional baker and it’s not just because you can’t bake for toffee. It’s also because they have serious experience in making, decorating and delivering wedding cakes. So if you have a fixed idea and they are suggesting alternatives, it’s probably because they know what they’re talking about... And, you know, 10kg of chocolate in a marquee in August is sort of asking for a mudslide!

Don’t sacrifice flavour for style

I LOVE gooooood looking cakes and at Anges we spend ages swirling and twirling frosting until it’s just right. But that’s kind of pointless if the thing doesn’t taste good, don’t you think? That’s the reason we use buttercream and ganache instead of fondant, in addition to really really top quality ingredients. So make sure you choose some killer flavour combos and a baker with mad pastry skills.

Don’t DIY

This includes: your Bake Off loving friend creating a showstopper, your Aunt's famous Victoria Sponge, AND you staying up til 3am baking your favourite carrot cake recipe the night before your friggin’ wedding day! Seriously, there are some things that are just worth getting a professional to do. You’ll have peace of mind that it’s been properly made in a spotless pro kitchen, plus you and your loved ones can focus on being guests at your own wedding.

Don’t leave your cake in a dark corner

Whatever style you go for, wedding cakes make fantastic focal points at the reception, so don’t waste the opportunity to display yours. A complimentary cake stand and an interesting backdrop are cost effective ways of using the cake to dress your venue and continue your theme. And with all eyes on the towering confection, you won’t have to worry about your guests forgetting to eat the delicious cake!

We make amazing unique wedding cakes for delivery in London, for more information check out our wedding cake FAQs, our information on wedding cake etiquetteand get in touch to order your perfect wedding cake today.

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