Hot Off the Press! Brides Magazine Sep-Oct 2013

I am so excited to have been featured in our third (YES, THIRD!) consecutive LookBook feature in Brides Magazine's September-October 2013 issue! It is so very fancy, quintessentially all-English, sterling silver dainty-like.
Brides Magazine Cover Brides Magazine LookBook
This LookBook showcases fresh greens and pale neutrals for a light, romantic and refined reception.
Brides Magazine Silver Leaf Maarons
We customised our Signature Collection Pistache Vera and Limited Edition Blanc Neige macaroons with genuine silver leaf and also made some cutesy button-sized mini-macaroons for the dessert table that were shown alongside Sugared Saffron Cake Co's pistachio meringues and white chocolate pretzels.
Brides Magazine Silver Leaf Macarons
How sweet are these silver-foiled macaroons as petit fours served alongside fine teas in classic china?
I recently visited Brides the Show at Battersea Park as well which was a wedding-wonderland full of aspiration, inspiration, all-sorts-of-gorgeous-ations that I've dished about here.
Love, Reshmi xoxo

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