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This is not a popular subject as a “business person” but...I'm going to talk about it anyay. I’ve recognised that I have reached burnout...physically, creatively. You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on Instagram too (or the actual likelihood is, you probably haven’t!). It can only take a few small triggers to topple that mountain of anxious nerves but this time my trigger was a big one - we ruined a wedding and completely let down a couple.

This past weekend, one of our macaron tower parcels heading to a wedding got pummelled by our long trusted couriers and didn’t make it in one piece...but many many crushed pieces. It was a last minute order and the team worked round the clock to try to fulfil it so the pain of seeing 300 macarons look like rubble on arrival across the country was quite a lot to bear. And then of course not being able to come to the rescue a la cake-crusader style and having let down a couple was the straw that broke this cake-ing camel’s back.  

Broken Macarons

In our years of experience of sending macarons across the nation, situations like these were so very rare, so there is no real way to police my emotions, because while we can prepare as much as possible for every eventuality sometimes I just cannot do anything but accept that sh!t happens despite our best efforts. And accepting that is hard enough, but then I also have to accept that it may well happen again before someone else’s wedding as once that parcel leaves our hands it’s out of our control. 

And that’s where I am struggling. We built this business with macarons 7 years ago - sending them across the country via couriers, and spending a LOT of time, effort and money to figure out exactly how best to package them and the most competent and reliable couriers. We had gift boxes, favours, macaron towers that our trusted couriers were delivering in great condition. Sure, our business changed along the way and we phased out a lot of our other products as we eventually morphed into a cake business hand delivering celebration cakes across London and sometimes even beyond. But I always held on to the macarons...they were my babies to begin with and I wanted to hang onto my "roots", reaching parts of the country with our macarons that our cakes couldn’t (unless at great great cost!). That was all until we started noting damage to our parcels by our previously trusted couriers. 

So we've made a difficult decision - in order to not disappoint another poor couple in the future and have our macarons guaranteed to arrive in mint condition we would have to take back control and scale back which means limiting delivery of them to London only. This is a hard decision but necessary - we lose out on a massive nationwide market, and I would rather that than potentially cause disappointment before another special occasion with the fate of our precious products out of our hands. 

Vegan Oreo Freakshake Cake 02

But when one door closes, another opens. That other door for us is our Vegan cake range. Having a completely new market to cater for is juicing up my creative brain cells and injecting some much needed mojo back into my cake-spirit.

Vegan Doughnuts 

To snap myself out of the funk, I tapped back into the beginning of my cake-journey...doughnut-topped drip cakes. So first up - vegan doughnuts! These vegan baked doughnuts are egg-less, dairy-free and glazed in a delicious and cute pink icing. Now onto the freakshake cupcakes!

Vegan Oreo Freakshake Drip Cake 

Decorating this Vegan Oreo Freakshake Cake has been therapeutic. Layers of vegan chocolate sponge, Oreo vegan frosting, vegan doughnuts and a Freakshake cupcake with vegan chocolate drip and sprinkles...it’s making me smile just looking at it. 

Vegan Oreo Drip Cake London 

As much as I’d love to think I can just bake my way out of this burn-out, I need some time away to recharge. Like an actual real holiday, with my husband and little X-ray, to be just us, and come back as a better, brighter me. Sooo I may go quiet again, you won't notice again, and I'll be back and you probably DGAF but I'll go on pretending you'll miss me and treat you with some irrelevant smug holiday spam.


Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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June 02, 2018

I feel you. It passes. Until one day when it doesn’t, and you realize something else (a beautiful family, a new venture) has filled the spot those amazing cakes once did. The incident crushes you, because you care, which makes you more than a professional. Your passion is obvious in your work, appreciated world-wide by people like me. You do your best to make it up to them, and you move on. And when one day moving on means leaving cakes or macaroons behind, be happy with what’s next. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, via Facebook, Instagram etc.
Angi Kasper
Restauranteur/Baker turned farmer


June 02, 2018

You definitely need a break and deserve a long one..cherish the moments with your little boy and husband. So so sorry to hear about your cake macaron disaster. So awful when things like that happen out of your control and so painful to deal with. Its so hard to find trustworthy delivery people and sometimes s**t happens despite all precautions taken. Think of all the millions of cakes that were absolutely perfect! Go and have a lovely lovely holiday and stay in baby world a bit longer. Your vegan cakes look AMAZING and i am sure you will be swamped with orders. Xx


May 31, 2018

You are so brave to express your feelings and sharing this emotional decision with us. Take a nice break with your family, it’ll do you good…You are very welcome here in sunny Spain 😊😊


May 31, 2018

This gave me life!! I’ve been experiencing burnout and just had a three week break, still no change… not a good sign for me!

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