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Hot Off the Press! Perfect Wedding April 2013

It's no secret that I'm a total wedding-phile. Obsessed. With three very close friends getting married within the next 18 months it's all excitable chatter every other weekend. It's not just with friends' weddings that I get excited over. I love every wedding and have talked about how I like getting Anges de Sucre involved with two of my personal fave bridal blogs, B.Loved and A Little London Wedding.
When asked what weddings mean to me, I always answer that they're joyous occasions when two people declare their love and commitment to each other surrounded by their closest. Because at the crux of it all, that is essentially what it is. The food, booze, dancing, bells and whistles just help it along as lovely extras.
So as a chic and delectable extra touch, our macaron towers and favours would fit right in, and it would seem that Perfect Wedding Magazine would agree!


Planning a wedding? Love macarons? Grab an issue of Perfect Wedding full of ideas and details and get in touch at to share your thoughts! Did I mention we make wedding cakes?
  Love, Reshmi xoxo

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