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The Best Free Cake Requests

The Best Free Cake Requests

You know what tastes good? Cake. You know what tastes even better than cake? FREE CAKE!

We get spammed left, right and centre senseless with free cake requests and discounts etc ranging from the innocent and harmless, example for charities (which while we cannot say yes to all the time I do think if the cause resonates with us and we can budget for it then we will!) to laugh-out-loud silly and unbelievably entitled from large brands and "celebrities".

As the requests get bolder and more ridiculous I've started sharing some of them on our Instagram to which I've been getting an immense response - fellow bakers and various small business owners ranging from photographers, musicians, designers, and hair and make-up artists, to even members of the general public who are completely surprised that this practice even goes ON. 

So I thought I'd start a compilation of my most ridiculous enquiries. Some of them to which I have responded to as well...jussstttt for giggles.

1. Celebrity Birthday Cake! For a MEGA STAR.

So mega that they can't buy a cake with cash. We passed on this. Duh. But I cried buckets when I saw someone actually created a beautiful two-tiered Unicorn birthday cake for this event gratis. I cried because I missed out on such mega exposure bucks. I'm kidding. I cried because when celebs can't afford cakes, we know we're properly heading into austerity...

2. Emoji Cake for Hot Shot Guests

Emoji Birthday Cake London

You'll be pleased to know I did respond to this.

"Hi xxxxxxxx,

Your email upset me, even if you did not intend for it to.
It upset me because I too have expensive tastes and I could never go to Alexander McQueen for a handbag I really want but couldn't afford, and ask for it free or discounted, in exchange of a thank you of potentially carrying it in front of my VIP friends, ones with extremely deep pockets and similar expensive tastes. I can't be anything but blunt but that is how I have translated your request.
I hope you can see my point of view. In any case we are fully booked for your date.


She seemed nice-ish enough in her enquiry, if a bit guilt trippy, but probably had no idea how such emails comes across to the other side. Hope she does now!

3. X-Factor Loser Birthday


I don't know who Saara is but even her PR isn't a winner when it comes to blagging freebies 😂 #Imnotpeggy

A post shared by Reshmi Bennett (@angesdesucre) on


I repeat...I'm NOT PEGGY. Oh dear...if you're going to blag a freebie, at least get the addressee right. I don't even know who won the X-Factor, let alone lost. Also, dare I ask which illustrious press will be covering this prestigious event?? Oh wait...none.

4. Non-Exposure Bucks

You heard me...non-exposure bucks. JUST to tempt slebs in their dressing gowns. Besides, aren't most slebs petrified of gluten, sugar, anything that remotely bloats before any public appearance?? This sounds like intentional torture to me.

5. Free Advertising at Weddings

Bride: "My wedding is day after tomorrow and I need 27 custom macarons urgently, can I have a discount on either the macarons or free delivery please because it is a bulk short notice order for you so quick money?? I can pay cash on delivery so no taxes for you too??You can send business cards and I will give to my friends so they all order from you."
Me: "I'm really sorry to disappoint but we actually charge a supplement fee on rush orders, the Royal Mail postman will not be accepting any payments on our behalf and more importantly, we pay our taxes. If everyone did the same perhaps the economy might be better. Also, as your enquiry is borderline insulting we have no capacity for your non-bulk order now or ever."
Bride: "Your email is RUDE!!! I am trying to do a favor for small business like yours and it is illegal to not sell for this reason I am going to report you to police for this illegal reply!!! And also write on Twitter and Facebook and Google."
*Bracing myself for internet police and review onslaught*
Sometimes, you can only laugh!
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did recounting how strange and wonderful the world of freebie blagging is. 
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo


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Jun 22, 2017

Omg the last one ? Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Jun 22, 2017

Love it. I can’t believe how rude some people are. The best one though is the bride. Too funny.
Keep up the fab cakes.

Jun 22, 2017

Actually couldn’t stop laughing at the bride one at the end!
Did you ever hear from the police about your “illegal reply”? ?


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