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Top 10 Customer Favourite Birthday Cakes

We've got countless incredible designs of showstopping, jaw-dropping birthday cakes but want to know which ones are most popular with our customers? Here is our top 10 list.

Top 10 Birthday Cakes

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1: The Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

The Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Stop.In.Your.Tracks! Yup, this one's a proper head-turner - a joy to look at, a joy to dig into, and a real joy for us to create as well! All the details are deliciously edible - white chocolate flavoured toadstools and cards, chocolate teapot, salted caramel swilling teacups and piped buttercream flowers all whimsically tumbling over layers of deep red velvet sponge and buttercream reminiscent of Alice's frock from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter would definitely approve of this at any tea or birthday party! 

2: The Matcha Sakura Birthday Cake

The Matcha Sakura Birthday Cake

Pink and green is one gorgeous colour combination, and it comes together beautifully in this super pretty Matcha cake popular with girls, wives and mums. Organic Matcha buttercream on Belgian chocolate sponges with pink macarons and candied popcorn to mimic blossoms - the flavours, textures and colours are all divine.

3: The Salted Caramel Birthday Cake

The Nuddy Muddy Birthday Cake

We're highly suspicious of ANYBODY who is not a fan of salted caramel - why wouldn't one be?? The peppy flakes of sea salt elevates the gooey salted caramel magic potion dripping over the chocolate cake with macarons, popcorn, Rolos, and salted caramel pearls. We are soooo sure not a crumb will be left at the end of the party!

4: The Doughnut Birthday Cake

The Salted Caramel Birthday Cake

Doughnuts - check, Cake - check, Macarons - check, Oreo cookies - check, Chocolates - check! Basically, the WORKS on a birthday cake. If you're really struggling to figure out which cake to pick, you couldn't go wrong with this one as it packs in EVERYTHING.

5. The Lady Red Velvet Birthday Cake

The Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Red Velvet has some inexplicable draw about it and our version is for grown ups. With brownie fudge balls, red velvet cupcakes and mini cupcakes, white chocolate pearls and piped buttercream flowers, it's really all Lady, no tramp. Part of our new Cupcake Cake collection. 

6. The Pink Flamingo Birthday Cake

The Pink Birthday Cake

Our Pink Flamingo cake could possibly be as gorgeous as a flamingo, and you'd probably like our Flamingo cake on your birthday as opposed to a real flamingo, cuz y'know, you can eat this AND you won't have to worry about looking after it for very long, duh. Popular for girls and ladies, this cake features our handmade chocolate feathers which are light and lovely, along with macarons, popcorn and chocolate pearls.

7. The Deliciously Stella Birthday Cake

The Stella Birthday CakeWe love Instagram's funny woman @deliciouslystella so much that we created a cake in her honour! A warning to the #cleaneating brigade - this cake is incredibly filthy....filthy DELICIOUS. Dripping with chocolate, and stashed full of chocolate fingers, oreos, chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie pieces, Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat, maltesers, rolos and cookies & cream shards, with chocolate cookies & cream buttercream and vanilla sponges - OOF that's a proper mouthful isn't? There's nothing clean about eating this...prepare to get extra you should on your birthday really.

8. The Burger & Chicken Birthday Cake

The Burger Birthday Cake

Apparently you lot love fast food. Even the likes of supermodels such as Cara Delevigne & co love taking selfies with proper junk food (not sure how much of it they tuck into though!). Our Fast Food cake is healthier though because y'know it's all baked, not fried, and is allll vegetarian ;) Brownie fudge and popcorn biscuit bone fried chicken, doughnut brownie burger and shortbread cookie chips dunked in chocolate ketchup and cheese and ample frosting and big moist layers of sponge. Go shawty, it's your birthday, you gotta party like it's your birthday!

9. The Ferrero Rocher Birthday Cake

The Ferrero Rocher Birthday Cake

We're partial to a cheeky tablespoon of Nutella every now and again, so it's a no brainer that this Ferrero Rocher cake is not only a customer favourite but also a team fave. With layers of cookies & cream, cookie dough and brownie sponges, Nutella buttercream, chocolate drip, and Ferrero Rocher mini cones a slice of this hits the spot.

10. The Croquembouche Birthday Cake

The Croquembouche Birthday Cake

Our most extravagant creation - the Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche cake has been gracing epic birthday celebrations! It really is a breathtaking marvelous masterpiece adorned with Ferrero rocher mini cones, piped buttercream flowers, eclairs, profiteroles, doughnuts, macarons and candied popcorn...all on top of 100% cake and frosting (yup, even that tower-cone-type-thing!). We don't want to say that this cake could steal any birthday gal or guy's thunder...but it just might! 


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