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Cakes and Hen Party Themes

So, your BFF is getting married – cue huge taffeta dresses, champagne-fuelled pre-wedding brunches, weepy dress fittings and of course, a booze-filled, girls only, lots-of-giggles Hen party!


Gone are the days when you pack a mini bus full of tipsy friends and roar up the motorway to enjoy the dodgy delights of Blackpool, these days Hen dos can be anything you want them to be. A mix of naughty and nice, prim and proper or just a few friends enjoying a trip down memory lane.


At Anges De Sucre, we create exceptionally tasty, super-stunning Hen party cakes (yes, we are patting ourselves on the back for being so damn creative!). No matter how your BFF wants to spend her last night (or day, or weekend) of freedom, we’ve pulled together our fave Hen party themes to get your bride-to-be ready for her new chapter.


‘Love and Marriage’ Theme


Sometimes you can’t beat some good old traditional girly fun. Hen parties are a celebration of long lasting love and romance. Good old-fashioned games, will get everyone involved and you - as Maid of Honour – will be basking in your party-planning success.


To get the future Mrs ready for her special day – when all eyes will defo be on her – how about the ‘How Well Do You Know the Bride’ game? This is basically a list of questions which each Hen must answer, then you all compare answers and the best ones get a prize! For some DIY games, we recommend ‘Celebrity Couples’ – it’s a ‘guess the other half’ game. Or there’s ‘Pin the Trunk on the Hunk’ – think ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ but with a scantily clad male pic, a pair of paper trunks and a blindfold. Cue much much laughter.


Whether it’s a civilised tea and biscuit affair or a cocktails galore kinda night, get your hens munching on our Triple Decker Pink Sweetheart Cake, which you can personalise with a special message to your favourite gal.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Theme


Eat me. Drink me. Marry me….get the picture? Who doesn’t love a Mad Hatter’s tea party? You’ve got finger sandwiches, cream and strawberry jam scones, fruity cocktails, posh cups of tea and of course our Alice in Wonderland Cake – piled high with cheese buttercream, salted caramel flavours and macarons.


If your bride is London-based, there are plenty of afternoon tea venues that can give your Hen do a Mad Hatter twist. Alternately, plan an intimate afternoon at home for those brides who are more likely to Netflix and chill than go raving and get bladdered!


If you like the idea of an afternoon tea, but cringe at the thought of a theme – get ready to make rows of cucumber sandwiches, buy mini pastries, order pretty cupcakes (like our Floral Flourish Buttercream ones). 


Rude and raunchy theme


In the spirit of Cindy Lauper, some girls really do just wanna have fun. This party theme is OTT, tongue-in-cheek and not for the shy and retiring bride. We’re not talking seedy male strippers dressed up as firemen (although why the hell not?), but we are talking rude chocolate shapes, adult toys (gulp), sexy lingerie and bottles and bottles of wine!


It’s fun, it’s flirty and more than anything it’s whatever you think will get you ‘bridesmaid-of-the-century’ status!


Spa and pamper theme


Wedding planning is stressful. In the run up to the perfect day, your bride-to-be-bestie is going to be organising guest lists, sampling meals, making thousands of calls to venues, fretting about her hair and makeup, trying to avoid calls from her in-laws and basically having a big old marriage meltdown! What could be better than organising a calm and relaxing spa day (or weekend) for a total chill out?


We love a spa day in general, but before a wedding, it can be one of the only times your BFF gets to unwind, have a laugh and chug back some champers (without worrying about the colour of table linen). There are so many great deals online, that a surprise spa day is affordable, fun and just bloody lovely.


Once you’ve all been massaged, scrubbed and had your nails painted outrageous colours, sit down to a lovely meal followed by a slice of delicious Anges De Sucre cake (obviously). For a calm and chilled dessert, check out our Japanese Matcha Sakura Cake, not only does it sound posh, it tastes pretty epic too.


Hen Party coming up? Order your Anges De Sucre cake in a few easy steps:


You’ve planned your Hen party theme, invited all your best girls and now you just need to order one of our girly cakes. Click here to find out more about our free London delivery service.

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