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What we did - Inspiration for a Safari Themed Cake

Our Safari Animal cake is a super popular choice for a child's birthday cake. It includes cute hand-modelled edible cake toppers of a lion, giraffe, elephant, and cheeky monkeys and is available in various sizes.

Safari Animal Birthday Cake - lion, giraffe, monkey, hare

However, our customer in Guildford (yup, we deliver cakes in Surrey from our award-winning London bakery too!), wanted an even more eye-catching cake than our original design and had it customised to include a tiger, a hare, and a snake.

Safari Animal Birthday Cake - 3 tier delivered in Surrey

Whilst they aren't necessarily all found within the same natural habitat, but I think they look extremely cute together in our three-tiered gorgeous and delicious CAKE-habitat!

Safari Animal Birthday Cake - Cake toppers

Each animal figurine is sculpted careful by our hands - which means no two figures will ever be the same and they tend to have humourous facial expressions. I love that about them. They're also not to scale (monkeys are seldom as big as giraffes) - this is deliberate for our unique "whimsical" aesthetic.

Safari Animal Birthday Cake - Elephant

Each tier is made of three layers of our famed vanilla Hero sponge recipe with buttermilk for an extra tender crumb. They're also generously filled, and then decorated, with our extra smooth signature Swiss meringue buttercream. We don't gate-keep our exceptional recipes - go ahead, give the recipe links a click and try them out for yourself to see what hundreds of our followers (and thousands of our customers) rave about.

I think my favourite of the animals is the random hare - it looks just as confused to be there as it would in real life.

Safari Animal Birthday Cake - snake, hare

We have created so many Safari Animal cakes this year and it continues to be popular. I even love our cakescape version of it!

Jungle Animal Luxury Birthday Cake - delivered in London, Surrey and Berkshire

If you'd like a safari cake for a birthday do get in touch! Don't see your favourite animals? Just let us know and we'll make sure they make an appearance on the birthday cake!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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