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Ten Best Unicorn Cake Ideas for Your Kids Birthday

Unicorns are perennially magical creatures that capture each child's imagination. Come to think of it, a lot of adults too are obsessed with these beautiful mythical animals, as are we.

Unicorn cakes is one of our most popular birthday cake themes at our luxury London bakery. Based on our long experience in creating the best luxury cakes in London we've trawled through our cake records for the best luxury unicorn cake ideas as well as the supermarkets for versions suited for smaller celebrations on a budget.

1. Unicorns and Rainbows Luxury Cakescape

The ultimate in unicorn cakes, this cakescape is the epitome of luxury unicorn cakes. It features various hand-modelled unicorns, including a cute unicorn bum with unicorn "poop" (of sprinkles, obviously).

Unicorn and Rainbows Cakescape

It also features all the major unicorn trends with an ode to the style so popularised by bakeries worldwide, but given a much needed modern makeover. And it's got layers upon layers of RAINBOW cake. It's the mother of all unicorn cakes.

2. Brown Unicorn

We don't think we are woke for producing a brown unicorn cake. I'm not sure why unicorns are always white, but we love our brown one too! 

Brown Unicorn Cake Topper

And since they are fictitious, made up creatures anyway, we'll take some creative liberties when it comes to creating unicorns.

3. Unicorn Horn and Ears Cake

This style has been done to death. It really has. But the unicorn never dies. To me, the horn always seems borderline phallic, but perhaps I'm the only one that sees this.

Unicorn Cake Trend

It's popularity had peaked in the 2012-2014 era of cake decorating, and whilst it is waning now, it still remains a style loved by many kids and adults - so much so that supermarkets have their own versions too.

4. Mini Unicorn Cake

The done-to-death style, but cuter (and less phallic) because it's a teeny weeny mini 3 inch individual size.

Mini Unicorn Cake

5. Unicorn Bum Cake

I don't understand why the unicorn's horn and ears are so emblematic. When really, the bum burrowing into a cake with a twirly, flowing rainbow tail is far more fetching.

Unicorn Bum Cake

It also adds an element of unexpected humour to a cake and we all could do with more laughing.

6. Unicorn Meta Cake

A cake on a cake on a cake...with a unicorn.

Unicorn Meta Cake

But not just any cake, of course it's got to be a rainbow cake to match the unicorn's colourful mane.

7. Waitrose Unicorn Cake

Upmarket supermarket chain, Waitrose's unicorn cake is high priced (£35 at time of writing) than other supermarket offerings but it does have a marked point of difference to the others. The reviews on the taste seem to be on the whole, higher rated, and the decor is fondant covered with buttercream style swirls. Be aware that there is a minimum 8 day lead time for pre-ordering this cake as it is NOT available off the shelf.

Waitrose Unicorn Cake

This seems like a good combination - fondant decor would fare a lot better in the long transit times the cakes endure before delivery. 

8. ASDA Unicorn Cupcakes

Asda's unicorn cupcakes are CUTE. 9 cupcakes for £5 can't be beaten in value but what makes this offering particularly stand out? The edible unicorn face and horn decorations!

Asda Unicorn Cupcakes

These are perfect to serve as they are, or even use as cake toppers on whole layer cakes much like our Cupcake Cakes.

9. Tesco Unicorn Sprinkles

Of all the brands shilling unicorn sprinkles...Tesco's is actually unicorn SHAPED. These are perfect to sprinkle of glazed doughnuts or cupcakes to either serve on their own, or as part of a bling Unicorn Themed dessert table.

Tesco Unicorn Sprinkles

Or if you are baking your own, they would be a fabulous surprise pinata cake filling, spilling out of your home-made unicorn cake when cut.

10. Waitrose Unicorn Cookie

You can totally create an incredible fake bake with this cookie! Fake bakes are when you buy ready-made layer cakes, and dress them up with inexpensive readily available decorations from the supermarket.

Waitrose Unicorn Single Cookie

This nicely piped decorated unicorn biscuit from Waitrose (£1.75 at time of writing) is a great size for a cake topper. You can even write the birthday kid's name with piping or edible ink on it to personalise it further. 

I hope you've been unicorn-inspired by these ideas. The unicorn cake trend is going nowhere for as long as unicorns exist (which they don't really...but never mind!).

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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